Shoe Monster

PR gave me this superb cute card on our 7 year anniversary which was last month. The shoe monster is the cutest. Check out the eyes of the monster as well as her shoes. I thinks she’s wearing an awesome pair of shoes. More than that she’s pink and has got the most adorable smile.

PR also gave me this pillow with an elephant head. Our conversation was somewhere on these lines

ME: Hmmm…Ok!! Thanks for the elephant head pillow.
PR: No, it’s a Transformer pillow
ME: huh!!??!!??
PR: Give it to me (folds the pillow) and Voila!! It transforms into an elephant.
ME: OMG!! That’s the most adorable elephant like ever!! :)
PR: :D

Isn’t PR the most adorable thing on planet earth??

I have been meaning to put these pics up in my blog for a long time but unfortunately I don’t have a digital camera and mostly use the camera on my phone(which is not gr8 but doesn’t suck either!!) I have been telling PR that I want to get a camera so I can take pics and put it up in my blog and I had been eyeing a purple (my fav color!!) fuji film camera for some time.
Guess what?? PR got it for me the other day. Doesn’t the camera look awesome?

The camera is a Fujifilm fine pix z30 and comes in awesome colors ( purple, pink, green, orange, black & white). It is very sleek and has got internal zoom so unlike other cameras the lens will not stick out. It is a 10 Megapixel camera and has face detection, red eye removal and also has easy-to-use Blog mode (Yay! What more could I ask for??) It is a camera for the fashionista on-the-go.

So if any of you, especially women, is planning to buy a digicam, check this one out. This one is really worth it.

Christmas just came early this year!! I love you PR. MUAH!!

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