Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guess Who's Back

Guess Who's Back
Back Again
Sonia's Back
With her Blog
Guess Who's Back, Guess Who's Back, Guess Who's Back!!!

Hey ppls... How u been? I know I know I have neglected my blog and the blogging world for months. I had a lot of people emailing me asking whether I have disappeared from the face of the earth and a certain person threating me to update my blog otherwise she'll hunt me down.  

First of all, I'm touched by all the concern, love and anger for my blog. :) 

Secondly, I have shifted base from South India all the way to the capital of India, well not exactly the capital, you can say very close proximity to it. Its Gurgaon. I was super super excited cuz when I read up about the place I found that they have the largest number of malls in India, close to 40 I think. How cool is that? It was like I was being called back to the mother ship. :)

All my weekends were taken care of just by visiting one mall per day. :x PR wasn't looking forward to the retail overdose. 

Its been a crazy couple of months with shifting base, finding an apartment, setting up the house,me being jobless, then working and then back to being jobless. Don't ask.. Its a long story. 

To make a long story short I'm currently a temporary house wife.But I have not become the typical house wife who watches all soap operas and stuff. Not yet!! :P I have not yet reached that stage yet and hoping not to. 

And yes I do miss Chennai. I miss all my friends. I especially miss the south indian food. I want to go to murugan idli shop, have idli with their awesome chutneys and sambar. 

Don't even get me started on the madras filter coffee.. Sigh!! 

Ok i'm stopping now.. I'm becoming very nostalgic.. Don't get me wrong, I am liking Gurgaon but I'm sorry to say but they don't have a good south Indian restaurant. At least not that I know of... 

I just realized what a big foodie I am.. 8 yrs in Chennai and the food is what i miss the most. :P

Pics courtesy of Google

Monday, May 3, 2010

An Auto Ride

The other day I left work early, took a metro train, got down at the nearest station to home.

I could have walked home from there but me being the lazy bum decided to take an auto. I got into an auto where initially the driver wanted to charge me 40 bucks for a 10 buck ride. I bargained. He cribbed. Finally brought it down to 20 bucks.

Half way through the ride, he suddenly stops the vehicle, gets out to pick up something from the middle of the road.

He comes up to me with something that looks like a bunch of TNT sticks. I kid you not!!

AD(Auto Driver):‘Madam, I think it’s a bomb!!’

ME (in my mind): ‘Why the freaking beeeep are you bringing it to me you psycho!?’

ME: Please keep it away from me, whatever the hell it is.

AD starts to prod and pluck on the contraption.

I start to hyperventilate. I calm myself by thinking of shoes especially Jimmy Choos. Then I realize I might die right now and would never own a pair of Jimmy Choos ever in my life. I start to hyperventilate again.

AD: Who do you think they are trying to kill? There are no politicians or movie stars living in this area.

ME: Do we really have to have this conversation? Does it matter who they want to kill? I mean REALLY is this relevant? I don’t want to die you moron. Throw … No No I mean gently place the so-called bomb on the sidewalks and drop me home..

What the dimwit did next was beyond my imagination. He shouts ‘Kabooom!’ and throws it to the sidewalk. I’m not making this shit up. He actually did that.

I started to scream and on seeing me he also started to scream. I saw my entire life flash before my eyes. People from the nearby houses came out to see what the commotion was. Then we stopped to scream and realized nothing happened and that we are still alive and kicking. AD looked stupid and I was super pissed at him for making me look like a fool.

I told him to get his sorry ass back in the auto and drop me to my destination.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another ‘Un-Eventful’ Start to my Day

6:50 AM – Alarm rings

ME: Sigh!!! Babbby I don’t want to go to work!!

PR: Mumbles grumbles and turns to the other side

6:55 AM

ME: PR is Godzilla a dinosaur ?

PR: Godzilla is a mutant reptile.

ME: Oh ok. I think he’s on the next street.

PR: If you don’t want to go to work don’t go but you can’t use Godzilla as a reason.

ME: Sigh!! (whining like a child) Why not?

7:00 AM

PR gets an SMS which says

' Calmness is not a weakness but strength. Be calm! '

PR: Someone beep beep beep sends me an SMS at 7 Beep AM, wakes me up to tell me to be calm. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!

ME: :D

7:05 AM

ME: I had a weird dream

PR: mumbles gibberish

ME: I was married to A ( A was this mutual friend of ours who had a crush on me and vice versa. PR just about tolerated A. ) We were on a boat. A couple of friends including you were also there.

PR: Hmmmm..

ME: Then there was this 30 foot wave, like a tsunami, came crashing on our boat. After it hit instead of searching for A, I went searching for you. I held on to you.

PR: Practically speaking if a 30 foot wave hit a boat, none of us would survive, we would all drown and die.

ME: yeah whatever… Ya then the dream drastically shifts to this shop where I see this awesome purple wallet and A buys the wallet for himself. That’s when I regretted marrying him cuz if it were you, you would have definitely got it for me. I’m so glad I married you instead of that purple-wallet-buying-for-himself-moron.

PR: Buhahahahahaha… That dream is so typical you for the fact that there was shopping and the color purple involved. I’m glad I am married to the purple-wallet-30-foot-tsunami-dreamer.

ME: :D

7:14 AM

I had stared at the walls for a good 5 minutes before I notice a thick line on one of the walls next to the balcony. It looked like as if PR has splattered ketchup on our newly painted walls. (If anything goes wrong, I like to pin-point it on PR. It always is.) I looked closer to see it was a trail of red ants moving their queens (yes 3 of them) into our room to start their colony.

The audacity of them to relocate to our room and that too without our permission.

I’m sad to inform that an entire colony of ants were killed during the writing of this post. If I have any PETA followers, I’m really sorry but we had no other option and they were swarming us from all directions. We panicked!! (Notice the fact that I used ‘We’ not ‘I’ cuz if I’m coming down I’m brining PR along with me :) )

* Images courtesy of Google

Friday, April 16, 2010

TV Show Addict

I have been meaning to write about my Pondy trip and about the goodies that I bought or got recently but I have been addicted to watching TV shows.
It all started with Scrubs. I’m totally in love with that show. Turk & Carla sometimes remind me of PR & moi. My favorite character is Dr Perry Cox. He is HILARIOUS. This is the only tv show that PR & I watch together. We are on Season 7 now.

I got Ten Things I Hate About you. I loved the movie and thought the series would be equally funny. I watched it and realized that I’m no longer a teenager and the show does not appeal to me. I still ended up watching the entire season.

Then I moved on to Glee – another teenage musical series. I don’t care much for the series as such but I loved their renditions of some of the songs. My top favs are Rehab and Golddigger. In fact I like them better than the original.

I got hooked on to Desperate Housewives. I know I know what you guys are thinking of me. You have stooped too low. I enjoyed the first season. It was interesting. PR would watch if Eva Longoria is there and scantily dressed, which she is most of the time. MB called me up one day while I was watching this show and asked me what I’m doing. When I told him he couldn’t stop laughing for a good whole 5 minutes. He just went ‘Oh Sonia, Sonia Sonia!!’ He was like just because you got married you don’t have to start watching the show to get pointers on how to cheat on PR. :P

I got hooked on to Grey’s Anatomy last week and finished the first season. I am going through a phase for medical drama series. I have put House MD for download last night.

I have not watched a television show continuously for the past ten years cuz I was in a hostel or PG most of the time.

When I was at home I was addicted to them. I used to religiously watch the X-Files, Small Wonder, Charles in Charge, Full House, Law & Order, Remington Steel (Sigh!! Pierce Brosnan!!)

It was to the point that if we had to go out as a family I had to be told in advance so I can decide the time and day according to my TV shows.

I remember watching Bold & The Beautiful when I was in 1st grade with my dad. Before you guys get the wrong idea, we were living in Dubai and we used to watch the show in the regional channel way before the Star channels came. This is an Arab country so they don’t even show a kissing scene even if it’s on the cheek so the entire time we watched B&B there was no adult content. It was like watching an Indian TV series. Once Star World came and they started telecasting B&B and we saw what the actual series was about, my dad forbade me to watch it. So the entire time we saw B&B, it was like having a lollypop with the wrapper on. We never got to taste the juicy bits!! :D
Ok Peoples!! The first episode of House MD is done. Me going to watch. Catch you later Alligators!!

(I know the last bit was cheesy but couldn’t help it. I know you all still like me or do you??)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Choco - La

I went to Pondicherry, the quaint little french colony for Easter holiday(it cant be called a holiday when its only 3 days but I had a superb time)

Belated Easter Wishes Ppls!!

Another post will be coming up shortly about the trip but I had to had to spread the word to all Chocoholics about Choco-La . I had read about the place in Femina magazine and as well as in the Hindu newspaper.

Choco-La is every Chocoholics heaven. They have chocolates in every flavor, shapes and sizes. They had chocolate honey combs and even a chocolate lollypop. What more can one ask for??

We went there on Easter Sunday and they had Easter bunnies and eggs They were the cutest. The Easter eggs were made of chocolate and not cake icing which is what I have always found in India. The egg also had a variety of chocolates unlike the ├ęclairs and candies that the usual eggs contain. Again I’m talking in terms of the Easter eggs I have tried in India.
The Easter bunnies are so Cute!!

 They had something which I have never had called Chocolate pakodas. It was yum as it was an amalgamation of nuts and chocolate (what more could I ask! Bliss Pure Bliss!!)

We went there before lunch so had a couple of pakodas as starters before heading out for lunch. I had to drag PR out of the shop by his ears. We went to a restaurant just opposite the place and walked back to Choco-La like Chocostein’s (We did the Frankenstein walk!! I know so juvenile !!)

54 Degree Chocolate

We tried something called 54 degree chocolate(an in-house special) which is hot chocolate and we dip in cubes of chocolate in it and have. They had a chocolate spoon. Imagine eating the spoon at the end of your meal. It was so cool.

PR enjoying the drink. What U guys think of his nail color? Me like!

So guys if you ever plan to visit Pondicherry, do drop in to Choco-La. It is a must for all Chocoholics.
The spoons on the top left corner. Yum!! Me want now!!

We met the owner of Choco-La and he said there are plans of opening one outlet in Chennai. I’m keeping fingers crossed.

The address is Choco-La Boutique, 319, Mission Street, Pondicherry.
So True So True!!

For all those who read my previous post Sickety Sick, I know I know, I was not supposed to have all of this cuz I’m recovering. Hello I was on a holiday so I decide to listen to my stomach instead of the doc. Don’t judge me. You weren’t there!

I’m fine thank you by the way. I think the chocolate therapy helped my stomach a lot!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sickety Sick

March was not good for me – health wise. I have been falling sick on and off throughout.

It all started on a the wee early hours of a peaceful Saturday morning wherein I suddenly jumped up off the bed, ran to the bathroom and vomited my guts out. From then on it was a nonstop show.

PR would rather have his nails pulled out than watch someone vomit so basically he sat on the bed and told me that I will be fine and will get through it and would gently ask me to close the bathroom door when I throw up cuz he didn’t even want to hear it. This is the man who promised me at the altar that he would stand by me in sickness and health. 

I happened to tell people about me being sick and everyone’s like ‘Any good news??’ For those of you who are not familiar with the term “Good News”. The definition is that when a couple gets married, there are not to waste any time, the man has to sow his seed and the woman has to start up her baby making machine and spit one out of her uterus ASAP. If I had the power to throw up whenever I want, I would have done projectile vomiting on all those people waiting for the “Good News”

I got better and fell sick again in the middle of the month. I never went and saw the doc cuz I thought it was just a case of mild food poisoning and that I had to watch what I’m eating. Lately I feel very uncomfortable every time I eat something so PR finally dragged me to the doc. He’s given me antibiotics and I can’t eat the following – milk, citrus fruits, spicy food, oily food, no junk, no outside food. I can have steamed or boiled veggies, string hoppers or steamed rice cake aka idli. I’m the kinda person who lives to eat. This is torture pure torture. I can’t handle it. I’m day dreaming of food.

I want to have this

and this

The fact that I'm reading a book called 'The Chocolate Lover's diet' does not help eitherI want this too people
Ok I really need help. I think i'm gona die if i don't eat any of this.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogger’s Meet

The Chennai Indibloggers decided to have a meet up and I was one of the first to register for the meet. I wanted to meet fellow bloggers, people whose blog I follow and also my followers. I was looking forward to it.

On the day of the meet, I tried on various outfits from salwars (too auntyish) to shirts & trousers (too officy)to dress(too partyish) to the point where PR was like ‘Are you going for a meet or on a date?’

I wanted to look approachable and breezy but not too breezy. So I decided to stick to jeans and a red &white polka dot top with matching red & white polka dot sandals (some ppl at the meet actually did notice the matching footwear. I’m touched! :) )

On the way to the meet, I met a friend and he was like ‘ What’s with the Santa Claus outfit?’ I was like ‘Great! I look Santaish instead of breezy!’ I gave the stare of death to PR for not pointing this out.

Once I reached the place and am waiting in the registration, I decide to introduce myself to the person in front of me. In my mind I was like ‘Sonia be breezy!!’ Our conversation goes like this.

ME: hey I’m Sonia.
PIFOM(Person In Front Of Me): Hey I’m Akshay
Akshay: What do you blog about?
ME: Oh! Random stuff. In fact my blog’s called Random Thoughts.
Akshay: Hmm.. Random Thoughts. Are you Sonia Sunny Thomas? I think I have visited your blog and commented on one of your posts.
ME: Oh is it? Which post?
Akshay: I’m the grammar Nazi
ME: (Stare of Death) Reaaaly.. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person.

Akshay or GN had send the below comments on my post ‘Weird Advice from Random dude

He’s not a bad person ppls. Don’t throw stones at him.. He’s a good guy and fun person to hang around with. He apparently, according to his work mates, was so sick that he couldn’t get out of bed. He did all of this to attend the bloggers meet. All this our genius announces it out on National TV. What’s the bet that he still has his job?

There was a ‘30secs of fame ‘ concept where each blogger got 30secs to talk about their blog. After that we went around interacting with each other. I met entrepreneurs, environmentalists, tech bloggers, food blogger(Gasp! There was only one. That’s it! I’m starting a food blog not that I need any reason to write about food) and a lot of IT ppl writing blogs which had the word random in it. Every time one of them would talk, GN would look at me and say ‘Does that sound familiar??’

After that they had some discussion on media and blogs which I wasn’t paying attention cuz
a) I was hungry
b) It was in a regional language which I don’t understand properly
c) I was hungry.

I was caught on camera thrice wailing ‘Where’s the food?’ ‘When do we eat?’. People must be thinking I’m such a glutton. I want to clarify that I did not have breakfast or lunch and was super hungry. PR will vouch for it. (You better PR otherwise it is Stare of Death Part Deux for you)

I finally got to eat some food, made new friends and had an awesome time. Thanks Chennai Indiblogger team for organizing the meet. Thanks for the freebies too (T-shirt, bumper sticker & obviously the food)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Jimmy Choo.. I heart thy Shoe!!

I finally was able to hold on to a pair of Jimmy Choooooooos... I felt like I died and went to Shoe heaven. It was just pure lust.. There was an exhibition cum sale of Jimmy Choos in a hotel and a friend of mine, Pooja(Thanks a lot girl!!) read my blog and found out about my addiction for shoes and told me about it. I was super super excited.

Nina, PR(he was our chauffeur, he didn't want to go at all and was forced into it) and I went there. I was quite intimidated at first by the setting of the place until a pair of Choos caught my sight. I forgot about everything else. I had to control myself from squealing. Nina and I fell head over heels for this pair. It was love at first sight.

Isn't it just gorgeous?? Me wants... :( They cost about INR 52000.(Yup its 3 zeros ppls!!) PR was like its crazy for
a SHOE!!! We were like 'Its JIMMY CHOO and its so worth it'. There were people buying stuff and we were so J. Sigh!! One day I'll earn enough money to buy a pair. One Day!!

There was a photographer who I assume must be from a newspaper, clickin
g away. Evey shoe we touched he'll go - Click Click Click. It was like if any shoe is tampered, he'll have evidence of who all fondled it. :P He shot a snap of Nina & I with a look of pure lust stroking a pair whereas PR had the look of bewilderment of 'WTF am I doin here??'. He finally had to drag us out and his reason being - If I stay here any longer, I might grow a uterus.' :D

Can you believe I went there wearing flip flops?? I was so excited that I wasn't thinking straight at all. My feet felt so under dressed. If I were flexible enough, my feet would have come up and given me One Tight Slap - MTV style. Next time, I'm getting myself a pedicure and wearing awesome shoes before going to a Jimmy Choo store.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Words of Wisdom for all Men

I found this while checking out Google Reader Play. I thought it was hilarious. :D

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bombs on a Plane

Last night PR and I were watching a documentary of the hijacking of Air France Flight 8969 in the History channel which jogged my memory of the incident where the flight that I was in was supposedly carrying bombs. This happened in the 90s way before 9/11.
My dad and I were travelling by Air India ( I know!!) from Dubai to India. I had come home for my holidays and was going back to the school hostel. At that time, I was studying in India whereas my family were in Dubai. I so hated going back and was super upset.
My mom dropped us at the airport. We checked in and boarded the flight. I got the window seat (Yay!!) and was sort of sorting out my emotions – a part of me was upset that I was leaving home and another was so glad that I was not alone and had my dad along.
An hour had passed since the flight took off and we passed a mountain and I excitedly (Sigh!! Can you imagine I was excited on seeing a mountain? That is so sad. Anyways…) woke my dad and showed him. He was like ‘Ya, whatever. Good for you’ and carried on sleeping.
Ten minutes later I saw the same mountain again and again after ten minutes. I woke my dad up again and told him that we are flying in circles. He was like ‘ I know you are really upset but you got to pull yourself up and stop imagining things’. Geez..
I looked around to see if anybody else has noticed it or is it just me and I happened to see one of the flight stewardess reading the bible and holding a photo, I presume, of a loved one. I woke my dad up again (Yup! My dad can fall asleep in a blink of an eye) and pointed to the praying stewardess. Our conversation goes like this
Me: Papa, something is seriously wrong. Why would she be praying?
Dad: Maybe she’s afraid of flying
Me: Then why would she become an air hostess ?
Dad: I don’t know maybe she was forced to become one
Me: Right!!
After flying in circles for 2 hours we finally landed in the Bahrain airport. Our flight was surrounded by police patrol cars and fire engines. I was all psyched. Finally some sort of excitement in my life.
We were completely strip searched. It was super awkward. They opened up each and every luggage and went through it. They even opened up my shampoo bottle and inspected. I thought it was super weird but after 9/11 it seems to be a normal affair now.
Dad called up mom to tell her that we are ok before she starts hyperventilating. She already had because it was all over the news. Apparently some dickwad from India called up and said that there was a bomb on the flight, an hour after our flight took off. We were out of the skies of U.A.E & they were not letting us back and India was not allowing the flight into her area either.
U.A.E’s argument to India was ‘It’s YOUR flight, YOUR shit, YOU take care of it’
India’s was ‘It might be OUR flight but the bomb was placed when it was in YOUR country.’
All of this while we were flying in circles above Bahrain. Finally they joined hands and decided to put the pressure on Bahrain to let the plane land and do all the inspection and defusing of the bombs, if any.
After countless hours of pacing up and down in the Bahrain airport, we were finally asked to board the flight and get the hell out.
pics courtesy of xkcd and google

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weird Advice from Random Dude

I was having a crappy day yesterday and posted the following status message on my gtalk.

'is feelin super crappy and wants to disappear from this stupid crazy world!!'

I had linked it to my Google Buzz and the status msg was updated over there too.
Below is the list of comments I got from friends and a very random dude

Abhinav – Aw ... why .... ?

Sonia – i am just having another crappy start to another crappy day in my stupid crappy life.

Sonia – My word for the day sure is Crappy. :)

vijiram – replace "crazy" with the word of the day.. :P :D

Abhinav – this is what happens when you wake up too early, ....

Abhinav - What you need is a power nap. tell em you feeling sick, and nap away ...

Ritesh – I have a medicine. It's called cyanide ;-)

pawan (the Random Dude) – dear sonia always trust on God .then u can get different things which u never ever been get before....but u can get with God......so always stay close with God........without God we cann't satishfiey..........so seek and God His strangth..........

pawan (the Random Dude) – so enjoy your daily life...........

Sonia Thomas – @ritesh - ha ha ha.. :P
@pawan - i dont even know you so why are u giving me advices and asking me to enjoy my life.

Anzil – Oh MY God !!i think this is the last time you will post somethin like this after "THE ADVICE"......Buzzing is good...:-)...cheers to google...

Sonia – I know temme about it. That guy cant even spell properly.. If he's gona give advice atleast use spellcheck...
Some ppl I tell you...

pawan (the Random Dude) – this is not my intention to hurt u.... but be a good friend.

Allen - @pawanji you are really funny....why the hell do you want to bring G-d into this....what the hell did he do wrong...:P

Abhinav – and to think no one gives a fuck when i'm cranky ..... :P

I mean I'm as it is having a bad day and the last thing I want is people throwing God on to my face. Come on and that too from someone I don't even know. I can't seem to understand why people think that they can be your friend and take the liberty of butting into your life. Seriously!!
Plus now I think Google Buzz sucks
In other news, Addy from Addy Brainwave, gave me this award.

You just happen to make my day Addy. Thank you so much!! I feel so good when I receive such blogging love and knowing that its worth being in the crazy crappy world!!

PS: I'm going through a weird phase ppls. So excuse my hatred of the world!! I promise I'll snap out of this!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ball Scratcher

Remember Kay?? How he got lucky and married the most beautiful scientist in India? Well he did. Lucky for him that his wife was comatose when she agreed to marry him. Not so lucky for her.

We never got Kay a wedding gift and it’s been over 2 months since he got married. MB and I were chatting and he send me a link and said ‘Why don’t we get Kay this?’

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, errrr.. maybe not Boys and Girls. I present to you

It is the Perfect tongue-in-cheek gift for the busy executive who's always got the itch.

The scratcher is a chrome-plated hand on a crafted stick about 9 inches long. This ultimate tool for the modern man comes in a slick silver-metallic gift presentation case! It's a good laugh and a gift that will stand out in any party!

Dishwasher safe and stain resistant.

It’s apparently for the busy executive who does not have time to reach down and scratch his own privates but has all the time to search for this and use it. Then MB clarified it for me and told me that the contraption is to be used by the so-called busy executive’s secretary or PA while the busy executive is working. :D

What do they mean by dishwasher safe? We can put this stick along with the plates that we eat in and wash it all together!! And don’t even get me started on the stain resistant bit. Ridiculous!! :P

How did MB stumble upon this?? You know those annoying and irrelevant ads that come on the right side of every Facebook page and they ask you to vote for it and stuff like that. Well MB got this when he logged into FB.

So Kay expect a gift in another couple of days!! You can guest post here on your experience with the ‘Gentlemen’s Ball Scratcher’ :D

Here’s the link for the people who want to gift it to your loved ones. :P

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

The beautiful blogger is me!!! YAY!!

Pooja at Thoughtful Randomness gave me this Beautiful Blogger Award.

Thanks a lot girl!!
The award comes with 5 rules. The first 3, I feel, are extremely redundant and silly.
I should a)thank the person, b)paste the award on my blog and c)Link the person who awarded it to me.

Come on, like duh I’ll do that. You don’t have to tell me. If I don’t do any of the above, it could mean that I’m such a sad pathetic thing who has either a very low self esteem or extremely egoistic that I decide to give myself an award. :p ( I mostly will come in the second category :D )
Pooja, after reading this, will be rolling her eyes and wondering ‘Why the heck did I gave her this award?’ I have no idea why I’m being so nitpicky.

Anyhoo.. Moving on.. The last 2 rules asks me to share 7 things I find beautiful and nominate the award to 7 blogger or more. Now this makes more sense.

7 Things I Find Beautiful

Purple. It is the new Pink!!

Shoooooooes – This list will be empty if shoes are not included.

Marley & Me – Loved the book and the movie. I love dogs. PR surprised me with this book one day.
Make up Counters – I love going to shopping malls especially the never ending make up counters with all their products. It just makes my day. All those lip glosses , lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes. I am feeling high just thinking about it.
Bookshops & Libraries – I can get lost there. Time just flies by. All those books neatly arranged and in different categories.
Sleeping babies – I love to watch babies sleeping especially when they smile while dreaming. It’s the most beautiful thing. I used to watch my siblings sleep when they were babies for hours but not in a Parnaormal Activity creepy kinda way. (If you have watched the movie, you know what I mean!!)
This video. It made me happy and sad at the same time. It was such a beautiful video. People at Pixar are geniuses. Thanks Ashwath for letting me know about it!

I pass on this award to Chatterbox, Magali, Meenakshi, and Pooja

Images are courtesy of Google

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


First of all I want y'all to meet Cuddles!!He was given to me as an anniversary gift by PR way back in 2007. He was so fluffy and cuddly, hence the name – Cuddles.
PR got Cuddles cuz I used to get scared in the night and would wake up and never fall back to sleep. After Cuddles, I have been sleeping peacefully like a baby.
I still cling on to Cuddles when I go to sleep. PR’s mom saw Cuddles one day and said ‘He needs to go for a bath. Give him a spin in the washing machine!’ I went ‘Gulp!!
The Washing Machine!!’ I had become friends with the WM but I wasn’t sure whether I was ready to send Cuddles in.
PR’s mom also gave another stuff toy to wash. It’s a doggie with eyelashes that makes it look like a lamb and currently has no name. I put both of them in the WM and spend an hour talking to Cuddles telling him “How sorry I am” and to the WM telling it to take good care of Cuddles.
PR just pretended to ignore me because he didn’t want to get involved at all. It was easier that way.
After the wash, I put them out on our balcony on a plastic bag to dry. That didn’t help so we had to hang them on the clothes line. I couldn’t bear to see Cuddles hanging around like a neglected child or something. It was too painful. PR just found it as
usual hilarious and took pics such as the ones below.

This is the picture I have as wallpaper on my phone. I took it a couple of days back with my phone camera (aka the bad photo). PR had no clue and will probably kill me when he comes to know that I put it up in my blog. Don’t they look so adorable??

Cuddles Smoodling PR