Hair Cut Day!!!

Today is Anu's birthday, a very very sweet friend of mine.

Happy Birthday Baby!!

My gift for her was a hair cut. I love gifting hair cuts to friends cuz its awesome. Its like a makeover. I love getting haircuts....

It was supposed to be a girls out thingy but somehow boys ended up being there.. They were supposed to drop us at the salon and scoot but they were curious to know what happens at a parlor and stayed on.

They sat on(literally) to take really juvenile pictures like the one below

We were discussing on the length for my new haircut and decided on just above the breasts. While we were doing this, PR was like 'Click!! Nice!! Girls touching boobs or near there region' (Eyes Rolling!!!)

Then they ran around clicking pictures of the pictures of L'Oreal models. An example would be the one below
Their reason for taking this photo is that 'She's smoking HOT!!'

You would think they would stop with this and quietly sit in one corner and watch a show on Animal Planet. Some weird show was going on about the World's ugliest animals. They take pics of that too such as this.This happens to be the World's Ugliest Parrot

Then they go showing everyone this picture. Meanwhile the hairstylist is trying to control his laughter while cutting my hair. Half of the time his eyes were on them than on my precious hair. I was huffing and puffing inside, PR would not have got any action for a very long time if my hair cut got screwed up or something.

Luckily for PR, the hair cut came out quite well. Anu & myself were quite pleased with ourselves. Oh Crap!! I just realized that I never wished Anu today. That's it Folks!! I'll catch you later.

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