First of all, Happy New Year to all of you out there..

I know I’m 13 days too late in my wishes but better late than never. I’m so sorry for neglecting my blog for so long but I do have a legitimate reason – I got Married!!

Yup!! PR and I finally tied the knot on 02 01 2010. PR chose the date and you can see why.

Preparations for the wedding had been going on for a year and the D day finally arrived. I spend three hours at the parlor to get ready and it took PR all of 5 minutes.

My sister, who was the Maid of Honor, was looking very elegant and beautiful. My brother, who does not look like this anymore, got a Mohawk hairstyle and colored his hair. I was so flabbergasted to see him like that. If he were not my brother, I would have ditched PR and got married to him instead.

I had the most prettiest bridesmaids dressed in my favorite color. They were stunning. Check them out in this pic.

PR and I looked quite dashing that day, if I say so myself.

We enter the church and the priest starts of ‘We are here to witness the marriage of Alexander and Mary’. PR & I have this quizzical look and were like ‘Are we at the right wedding?’. It took us a couple of minutes to realize that he was referring to us by our church names which was funny cuz my church name is Maria and not Mary. Technically speaking Alexander and Mary got married whereas PR & I are having a live in relationship which is what PR wanted from the beginning. The food apparently was awesome though we never got a chance to eat cuz we were too busy saying ‘Hellos’ and ‘Thank Yous’ to the guests who were over 600 in number. I had people coming up to me and asking me ‘Do you remember me? When you were a small girl…’ Come on it’s my wedding and I’m meeting zillions of people and you expect to remember when you met me as a 1 month old baby. Jeez!! Some people I tell you…
We had an awesome after party on the roof top of a hotel with just friends and no family. That is when we had all the fun. The most embarrassing incidents of pretty much everyone was shared including PR’s association with the color Pink and my ‘I’m not Dlunk’ story which is going to be a different blog post all together.
The next day we all went boating on the Kumarakom backwaters. It was the first time to Kerala for most of our friends so the lush greenery and backwater was like heaven on earth. In fact the motto of Kerala tourism is Kerala – God’s own country. I am basically from there don’t see anything great about it but apparently it’s a big thing. It’s so big that even Britney Spears spend her New Year’s in Kumarakom. They voraciously ate the famous backwater fish – Pearl Spot and prawns. We saw the person cutting the fish. The fish is still alive even after removing the scales and slashes made on it. The fish is just twitching away. I know it sounds gruesome and I might sound heartless but it was yummy. For our own peace of mind, it was a good thing we saw it after we had finished eating.

So after all the fun, the friends went back home and Alex & Mary lived happily ever after.

Whereas for PR & I, we are having an illicit relationship. Sssshhh!! Don’t tell anyone!! :D

I love PR's expression in this pic. Its like 'WTF is the flower doing next to me' :)

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