The Washing Machine

I have been living alone for almost 10 years now and in all these years I have never ever operated the washing machine. I think I have some kind of phobia towards it. Its only the washing machine, I have no problem with any other machinery cuz I have done carpentry, drilling, filing and so on. I’m not bragging. I just had to do all this crap to get an engineering degree. :) I don’t know how it has helped me in my career cuz all I do is sit in front of a computer.

Coming back to the washing machine, I would promptly put in the clothes and the detergent in the allocated slot. I know all I have to do is to turn the knob to the appropriate settings and voila it’s all set to go. I have seen other people do it like gazillions of times but something in me stops from doing it. I would wait for someone to turn the knob for me. People thought I was retarded. Some even wondered how I graduated engineering. People automatically assume that since you are engineer you know how to operate everything which is all BS. Take me for example. :D

I never told PR about my phobia. After we got married and settled in, we had like tones of clothes to wash and he was like ‘Use the machine!!’ I started panicking and wondering how to break it to him. Would he still want to be with me after hearing my so called problemo? Thankfully he didn’t laugh on my face when I told him but did hear some guffaws once I left the room.

He stood by me and guided me into turning the knob.(It sounded so much better in my head!!) It might sound lame to you guys but it was a big moment in my life. I was no longer afraid of the washing machine. I was so excited that I just start washing clothes one after the other to the point that we were late for a lunch out with friends. PR was so pissed and kind of wished that he did not introduce me to the world of not-so-scary washing machine knobs.

Now I love the washing machine. It’s become my new best friend but to my dismay his servant has taken an offense to me washing the clothes. It’s as if I look a part of her identity. She’s super upset that I washed clothes which was her territory. I wash clothes (which has already been washed by her) in the night so I can have my time with my new friend, WM. :P

PR thinks I’m just plain weird and does not get involved in this matter anymore.

Speaking of washing clothes, a day after we got married, PR ended up with no clean undies and socks, so I decide to hand wash his clothes. PR was cool with walking around in his used undies till they tear out.(Men I tell you!!) My bro comes searching for me and he & PR have the following conversation

Bro: Where’s Sonia?
PR: She’s washing my clothes.
Bro (to me): What you washing?
ME: PR’s undies
Bro: Woah!! (turning to PR) She washes your undies??!!??
PR: Voluntarily dude! I didn’t even ask her.
Bro: Wives are supposed to do this.?? Cool.. When do I get married?

Mind you my bro is only 14 and he wants to get married so his wife can wash his undies!!!!

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