Beautiful Blogger

The beautiful blogger is me!!! YAY!!

Pooja at Thoughtful Randomness gave me this Beautiful Blogger Award.

Thanks a lot girl!!
The award comes with 5 rules. The first 3, I feel, are extremely redundant and silly.
I should a)thank the person, b)paste the award on my blog and c)Link the person who awarded it to me.

Come on, like duh I’ll do that. You don’t have to tell me. If I don’t do any of the above, it could mean that I’m such a sad pathetic thing who has either a very low self esteem or extremely egoistic that I decide to give myself an award. :p ( I mostly will come in the second category :D )
Pooja, after reading this, will be rolling her eyes and wondering ‘Why the heck did I gave her this award?’ I have no idea why I’m being so nitpicky.

Anyhoo.. Moving on.. The last 2 rules asks me to share 7 things I find beautiful and nominate the award to 7 blogger or more. Now this makes more sense.

7 Things I Find Beautiful

Purple. It is the new Pink!!

Shoooooooes – This list will be empty if shoes are not included.

Marley & Me – Loved the book and the movie. I love dogs. PR surprised me with this book one day.
Make up Counters – I love going to shopping malls especially the never ending make up counters with all their products. It just makes my day. All those lip glosses , lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes. I am feeling high just thinking about it.
Bookshops & Libraries – I can get lost there. Time just flies by. All those books neatly arranged and in different categories.
Sleeping babies – I love to watch babies sleeping especially when they smile while dreaming. It’s the most beautiful thing. I used to watch my siblings sleep when they were babies for hours but not in a Parnaormal Activity creepy kinda way. (If you have watched the movie, you know what I mean!!)
This video. It made me happy and sad at the same time. It was such a beautiful video. People at Pixar are geniuses. Thanks Ashwath for letting me know about it!

I pass on this award to Chatterbox, Magali, Meenakshi, and Pooja

Images are courtesy of Google

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