Birthday 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!
Happy Birthday to Meeee!!

Well technically it was my birthday yesterday. PR threw a surprise party for me on sat night. PR & his mom told me that relatives are coming home for dinner so we, aka his mom & I, spend the whole of the morning and afternoon cleaning up the place in btw aunty cooking the food too.

PR as usual lazed about and probably lifted his left butt cheek to scratch and carried on playing Duke Nukem - another mindless violent video game. So basically I cleaned up the house for my own surprise birthday party whereas PR did nothing and his reason being 'He wanted the day to be as normal as possible so that I wont be suspicious' (Ahem!!!)

In the evening I get all ready and step out to see aunty watching TV and not yet ready. I ask her why she's not and she looks at PR & then at me and back to PR and blurts out 'They are not coming. They canceled out on us. Why don't you both go out for desserts?'
We come back after desserts and the lift does not work. I was wearing my awesome pair of red heels & I removed them since I had to climb 3 flights of stairs.

I was all super pissed cuz I was barefoot and I-OH-SO-HATE-IT and rang the doorbell and people yell 'Surprise!!'. I look at PR and go 'Why didn't you tell me??!!??' He's like 'Well that's how a surprise party works in our world. I don't know about yours!!'

All in all it was an awesome party. I thoroughly enjoyed it and in fact it was one of the best birthday parties ever. Thank you so much PR!!

Nina got me this awesome pair of red sandals. Aren't they just the stylish pair ever?? Thanks a lot Nina girlMalvi aka Smex & Anu got me this purple color M.A.C eye pencil. I have been dying to buy something from M.A.C for ages. Last time we all went to the M.A.C showroom, we just looked at the stuff and got high. You girls are the sweetest!! Muah!!

Arul, Seenu & Srini got me lifestyle gift voucher which is like awesome!! You guys shouldn't have!! My kisses to you!!

PR's gift for me was this awesome party, a pair of levi Diva jeans and a voucher for an ayurvedic body massage

PR went around clicking snaps like crazy which earned him a name from Smex - Photo Whore!!
I like it so PR might change to PW in the blog :)

Another gift which I received via post was the purse which I won at Lauren's contest. It was such a coincidence that I received it on my birthday. Thank you so much Lauren!! I love the purse. Its BEAUTIFUL!!!
The purse was hand made by Emily at elemental Threads. I think this is an awesome idea by Emily. I mean you get to choose the outer design, the inner material and even the color of the zip. Isn't that just cool?? I love the red inner material which contrasts with the outer design. As Emily said 'The red pops!!'

All in all it was a fun birthday and I want to thank every one who made this day very sspecial for me. I love you guys!! I love you even more PR or PW :P

Before I end I would like to tell you about a random conversation I had with Abi at the party.

Abi: Why didn't you tell me your friends drink only beer??
ME: Why didn't you tell me about this surprise party??
Abi: :D

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