The Buzzing of the Google Buzz

I was caught quite unawares to the Google buzz. I login to Gmail and I get this message asking me whether I want to check out Google buzz. My suspicious side which thought it was some stupid hacking crap clicked No or more so the option that said ‘Naaaah’.

Once logged into Gmail I see a tab under the inbox called Buzz with a multicolored icon. Honestly speaking I was more inclined to clicking on seeing the icon. Google so knows a woman’s mind. :D If it was some boring ordinary tab, I wouldn’t have bothered.

Once I get in to Buzz, it shows that I’m apparently following 59 people and 19 people follow me. I go ‘Woah!! This is my first time. How can I be already following people?’ I thought someone really did hack or something. I am super paranoid about people hacking into my account. It’s like butting into my personal space. My practical side jumped in and found that it has synchronized with my Google reader – People you follow, which is why I’m following a lot of people. It was a relief. No one hacked my account.

My first impression of Google Buzz – very Twitterish and much more..

You can connect it up with sites such as Blogger, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and so on. Sadly no Facebook. It connects even with your Gmail Status Messages. So basically whatever you post in these sites will be displayed in the Buzz too which I think is a cool thing cuz then all my blog posts will be available to my followers first hand. :)

The not-so-nice bit so far is that when you connect it with blogger, the entire post is published in Buzz so it takes a hit on the number of hits on your site. :(

Initially, my reaction was like ‘I don’t like it’ but now I’m sort of warming up to it after some scouting about. I felt the same when I started using Facebook.

So is this Google’s answer to Twitter? What do you guys think? Like it or think its crap?

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