First of all I want y'all to meet Cuddles!!He was given to me as an anniversary gift by PR way back in 2007. He was so fluffy and cuddly, hence the name – Cuddles.
PR got Cuddles cuz I used to get scared in the night and would wake up and never fall back to sleep. After Cuddles, I have been sleeping peacefully like a baby.
I still cling on to Cuddles when I go to sleep. PR’s mom saw Cuddles one day and said ‘He needs to go for a bath. Give him a spin in the washing machine!’ I went ‘Gulp!!
The Washing Machine!!’ I had become friends with the WM but I wasn’t sure whether I was ready to send Cuddles in.
PR’s mom also gave another stuff toy to wash. It’s a doggie with eyelashes that makes it look like a lamb and currently has no name. I put both of them in the WM and spend an hour talking to Cuddles telling him “How sorry I am” and to the WM telling it to take good care of Cuddles.
PR just pretended to ignore me because he didn’t want to get involved at all. It was easier that way.
After the wash, I put them out on our balcony on a plastic bag to dry. That didn’t help so we had to hang them on the clothes line. I couldn’t bear to see Cuddles hanging around like a neglected child or something. It was too painful. PR just found it as
usual hilarious and took pics such as the ones below.

This is the picture I have as wallpaper on my phone. I took it a couple of days back with my phone camera (aka the bad photo). PR had no clue and will probably kill me when he comes to know that I put it up in my blog. Don’t they look so adorable??

Cuddles Smoodling PR

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