See Food Diet

It’s been exactly a month since PR and I got married. We survived our first month of marriage and before we know it we’ll be celebrating our first wedding anniversary. Scary!!
I was chatting with a cousin sister ( or like my English teacher used to say “female cousin” cuz apparently there is no such thing as cousin sister or cousin brother in the English language. Yeah Whatever!! I’m still going to say cousin sister. Go ahead Sue Me!!) and she’s gona complete 10 years of her marriage.

CS: How is married life? Are you astounding him on your cooking?
ME: Well I’m cooking but the astounding bit has not yet happened
CS: Are you still at work? (It was around 8 in the evening!!)
ME: Yup, I’m working in the 11 to 8 shift cuz PR is in the 12 to 9 shift so that we can spend some time together
CS: What a crap work timing?
ME: Tell me about it. By the time I reach home and have dinner, its already 10:30. I’m super duper tired by then.
CS: So its Work, Sleep and Work Again
ME: Pretty Much :(
CS: Imagine it is going to be like this for the next 30 years of work life and spiced up in the middle by kids
ME: Gasp!! Sigh!! Which is why I didn’t want to get married at all. It’s been exactly a month and I’m already pooped out.
CS: This year will be my 10th Wedding anniversary
ME: Woah!! Congrats. In 10 years time I’ll be in your position and Sofia (my sis) in mine.
CS: You will be giving her the realities of life.
ME: She already knows that. She keeps telling me to give her my shoes and stuff since I'm "Married" now.. She makes it sound like I'm dead
CS: Aaah!! The luxury of youth. Yeah married people are like show case stuff, and u know what, after marriage every Indian girl can put on weight, it's an allowed thing. That is my excuse. :D
ME: Well I’m hoping to prove everyone wrong cuz they told me that by December I’ll be fat. I’m thinking of getting up early to go for a walk. I’m going to sacrifice my sleep
CS: I can’t or won’t walk. What is a diet?? I’m on a see food diet. :)

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