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Blogger’s Meet

The Chennai Indibloggers decided to have a meet up and I was one of the first to register for the meet. I wanted to meet fellow bloggers, people whose blog I follow and also my followers. I was looking forward to it.On the day of the meet, I tried on various outfits from salwars (too auntyish) to shirts & trousers (too officy)to dress(too partyish) to the point where PR was like ‘Are you going for a meet or on a date?’ I wanted to look approachable and breezy but not too breezy. So I decided to stick to jeans and a red &white polka dot top with matching red & white polka dot sandals (some ppl at the meet actually did notice the matching footwear. I’m touched! :) ) On the way to the meet, I met a friend and he was like ‘ What’s with the Santa Claus outfit?’ I was like ‘Great! I look Santaish instead of breezy!’ I gave the stare of death to PR for not pointing this out. Once I reached the place and am waiting in the registration, I decide to introduce myself to the person in…

Jimmy Choo.. I heart thy Shoe!!

I finally was able to hold on to a pair of Jimmy Choooooooos... I felt like I died and went to Shoe heaven. It was just pure lust..There was an exhibition cum sale of Jimmy Choos in a hotel and a friend of mine, Pooja(Thanks a lot girl!!) read my blog and found out about my addiction for shoes and told me about it. I was super super excited.

Nina, PR(he was our chauffeur, he didn't want to go at all and was forced into it) and I went there. I was quite intimidated at first by the setting of the place until a pair of Choos caught my sight. I forgot about everything else.I had to control myself from squealing. Nina and I fell head over heels for this pair. It was love at first sight.

Isn't it just gorgeous?? Me wants... :( They cost about INR 52000.(Yup its 3 zeros ppls!!) PR was like its crazy for a SHOE!!! We were like 'Its JIMMY CHOO and its so worth it'. There were people buying stuff and we were so J. Sigh!! One day I'll earn enough money to buy a pair. One …

Words of Wisdom for all Men

I found this while checking out Google Reader Play. I thought it was hilarious. :D

Bombs on a Plane

Last night PR and I were watching a documentary of the hijacking of Air France Flight 8969 in the History channel which jogged my memory of the incident where the flight that I was in was supposedly carrying bombs. This happened in the 90s way before 9/11. My dad and I were travelling by Air India ( I know!!) from Dubai to India. I had come home for my holidays and was going back to the school hostel. At that time, I was studying in India whereas my family were in Dubai. I so hated going back and was super upset. My mom dropped us at the airport. We checked in and boarded the flight. I got the window seat (Yay!!) and was sort of sorting out my emotions – a part of me was upset that I was leaving home and another was so glad that I was not alone and had my dad along. An hour had passed since the flight took off and we passed a mountain and I excitedly (Sigh!! Can you imagine I was excited on seeing a mountain? That is so sad. Anyways…) woke my dad and showed him. He was like ‘Ya, whate…

Weird Advice from Random Dude

I washaving a crappy day yesterday and posted the following status message on mygtalk.

'is feelin super crappy and wants to disappear from this stupid crazy world!!'

I hadlinked it to my Google Buzz and the status msg was updated over there too.
Belowis the list of comments I got from friends and a very random dude

Abhinav – Aw ... why .... ?

Sonia – i am just having another crappy start to another crappy day in my stupid crappy life.

Sonia – My word for the day sure is Crappy. :)

vijiram – replace "crazy" with the word of the day.. :P :D
Abhinav – this is what happens when you wake up too early, ....
Abhinav - What you need is a power nap. tell em you feeling sick, and nap away ...
Ritesh – I have a medicine. It's called cyanide ;-)
pawan (the Random Dude) – dear sonia always trust on God .then u can get different things which u never ever been get before....but u can get with always stay close with God........without God we cann't satishfiey..........…