Bombs on a Plane

Last night PR and I were watching a documentary of the hijacking of Air France Flight 8969 in the History channel which jogged my memory of the incident where the flight that I was in was supposedly carrying bombs. This happened in the 90s way before 9/11.
My dad and I were travelling by Air India ( I know!!) from Dubai to India. I had come home for my holidays and was going back to the school hostel. At that time, I was studying in India whereas my family were in Dubai. I so hated going back and was super upset.
My mom dropped us at the airport. We checked in and boarded the flight. I got the window seat (Yay!!) and was sort of sorting out my emotions – a part of me was upset that I was leaving home and another was so glad that I was not alone and had my dad along.
An hour had passed since the flight took off and we passed a mountain and I excitedly (Sigh!! Can you imagine I was excited on seeing a mountain? That is so sad. Anyways…) woke my dad and showed him. He was like ‘Ya, whatever. Good for you’ and carried on sleeping.
Ten minutes later I saw the same mountain again and again after ten minutes. I woke my dad up again and told him that we are flying in circles. He was like ‘ I know you are really upset but you got to pull yourself up and stop imagining things’. Geez..
I looked around to see if anybody else has noticed it or is it just me and I happened to see one of the flight stewardess reading the bible and holding a photo, I presume, of a loved one. I woke my dad up again (Yup! My dad can fall asleep in a blink of an eye) and pointed to the praying stewardess. Our conversation goes like this
Me: Papa, something is seriously wrong. Why would she be praying?
Dad: Maybe she’s afraid of flying
Me: Then why would she become an air hostess ?
Dad: I don’t know maybe she was forced to become one
Me: Right!!
After flying in circles for 2 hours we finally landed in the Bahrain airport. Our flight was surrounded by police patrol cars and fire engines. I was all psyched. Finally some sort of excitement in my life.
We were completely strip searched. It was super awkward. They opened up each and every luggage and went through it. They even opened up my shampoo bottle and inspected. I thought it was super weird but after 9/11 it seems to be a normal affair now.
Dad called up mom to tell her that we are ok before she starts hyperventilating. She already had because it was all over the news. Apparently some dickwad from India called up and said that there was a bomb on the flight, an hour after our flight took off. We were out of the skies of U.A.E & they were not letting us back and India was not allowing the flight into her area either.
U.A.E’s argument to India was ‘It’s YOUR flight, YOUR shit, YOU take care of it’
India’s was ‘It might be OUR flight but the bomb was placed when it was in YOUR country.’
All of this while we were flying in circles above Bahrain. Finally they joined hands and decided to put the pressure on Bahrain to let the plane land and do all the inspection and defusing of the bombs, if any.
After countless hours of pacing up and down in the Bahrain airport, we were finally asked to board the flight and get the hell out.
pics courtesy of xkcd and google

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