Jimmy Choo.. I heart thy Shoe!!

I finally was able to hold on to a pair of Jimmy Choooooooos... I felt like I died and went to Shoe heaven. It was just pure lust.. There was an exhibition cum sale of Jimmy Choos in a hotel and a friend of mine, Pooja(Thanks a lot girl!!) read my blog and found out about my addiction for shoes and told me about it. I was super super excited.

Nina, PR(he was our chauffeur, he didn't want to go at all and was forced into it) and I went there. I was quite intimidated at first by the setting of the place until a pair of Choos caught my sight. I forgot about everything else. I had to control myself from squealing. Nina and I fell head over heels for this pair. It was love at first sight.

Isn't it just gorgeous?? Me wants... :( They cost about INR 52000.(Yup its 3 zeros ppls!!) PR was like its crazy for
a SHOE!!! We were like 'Its JIMMY CHOO and its so worth it'. There were people buying stuff and we were so J. Sigh!! One day I'll earn enough money to buy a pair. One Day!!

There was a photographer who I assume must be from a newspaper, clickin
g away. Evey shoe we touched he'll go - Click Click Click. It was like if any shoe is tampered, he'll have evidence of who all fondled it. :P He shot a snap of Nina & I with a look of pure lust stroking a pair whereas PR had the look of bewilderment of 'WTF am I doin here??'. He finally had to drag us out and his reason being - If I stay here any longer, I might grow a uterus.' :D

Can you believe I went there wearing flip flops?? I was so excited that I wasn't thinking straight at all. My feet felt so under dressed. If I were flexible enough, my feet would have come up and given me One Tight Slap - MTV style. Next time, I'm getting myself a pedicure and wearing awesome shoes before going to a Jimmy Choo store.

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