Weird Advice from Random Dude

I was having a crappy day yesterday and posted the following status message on my gtalk.

'is feelin super crappy and wants to disappear from this stupid crazy world!!'

I had linked it to my Google Buzz and the status msg was updated over there too.
Below is the list of comments I got from friends and a very random dude

Abhinav – Aw ... why .... ?

Sonia – i am just having another crappy start to another crappy day in my stupid crappy life.

Sonia – My word for the day sure is Crappy. :)

vijiram – replace "crazy" with the word of the day.. :P :D

Abhinav – this is what happens when you wake up too early, ....

Abhinav - What you need is a power nap. tell em you feeling sick, and nap away ...

Ritesh – I have a medicine. It's called cyanide ;-)

pawan (the Random Dude) – dear sonia always trust on God .then u can get different things which u never ever been get before....but u can get with always stay close with God........without God we cann't seek and God His strangth..........

pawan (the Random Dude) – so enjoy your daily life...........

Sonia Thomas – @ritesh - ha ha ha.. :P
@pawan - i dont even know you so why are u giving me advices and asking me to enjoy my life.

Anzil – Oh MY God !!i think this is the last time you will post somethin like this after "THE ADVICE"......Buzzing is good...:-)...cheers to google...

Sonia – I know temme about it. That guy cant even spell properly.. If he's gona give advice atleast use spellcheck...
Some ppl I tell you...

pawan (the Random Dude) – this is not my intention to hurt u.... but be a good friend.

Allen - @pawanji you are really funny....why the hell do you want to bring G-d into this....what the hell did he do wrong...:P

Abhinav – and to think no one gives a fuck when i'm cranky ..... :P

I mean I'm as it is having a bad day and the last thing I want is people throwing God on to my face. Come on and that too from someone I don't even know. I can't seem to understand why people think that they can be your friend and take the liberty of butting into your life. Seriously!!
Plus now I think Google Buzz sucks
In other news, Addy from Addy Brainwave, gave me this award.

You just happen to make my day Addy. Thank you so much!! I feel so good when I receive such blogging love and knowing that its worth being in the crazy crappy world!!

PS: I'm going through a weird phase ppls. So excuse my hatred of the world!! I promise I'll snap out of this!!

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