Another ‘Un-Eventful’ Start to my Day

6:50 AM – Alarm rings

ME: Sigh!!! Babbby I don’t want to go to work!!

PR: Mumbles grumbles and turns to the other side

6:55 AM

ME: PR is Godzilla a dinosaur ?

PR: Godzilla is a mutant reptile.

ME: Oh ok. I think he’s on the next street.

PR: If you don’t want to go to work don’t go but you can’t use Godzilla as a reason.

ME: Sigh!! (whining like a child) Why not?

7:00 AM

PR gets an SMS which says

' Calmness is not a weakness but strength. Be calm! '

PR: Someone beep beep beep sends me an SMS at 7 Beep AM, wakes me up to tell me to be calm. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!

ME: :D

7:05 AM

ME: I had a weird dream

PR: mumbles gibberish

ME: I was married to A ( A was this mutual friend of ours who had a crush on me and vice versa. PR just about tolerated A. ) We were on a boat. A couple of friends including you were also there.

PR: Hmmmm..

ME: Then there was this 30 foot wave, like a tsunami, came crashing on our boat. After it hit instead of searching for A, I went searching for you. I held on to you.

PR: Practically speaking if a 30 foot wave hit a boat, none of us would survive, we would all drown and die.

ME: yeah whatever… Ya then the dream drastically shifts to this shop where I see this awesome purple wallet and A buys the wallet for himself. That’s when I regretted marrying him cuz if it were you, you would have definitely got it for me. I’m so glad I married you instead of that purple-wallet-buying-for-himself-moron.

PR: Buhahahahahaha… That dream is so typical you for the fact that there was shopping and the color purple involved. I’m glad I am married to the purple-wallet-30-foot-tsunami-dreamer.

ME: :D

7:14 AM

I had stared at the walls for a good 5 minutes before I notice a thick line on one of the walls next to the balcony. It looked like as if PR has splattered ketchup on our newly painted walls. (If anything goes wrong, I like to pin-point it on PR. It always is.) I looked closer to see it was a trail of red ants moving their queens (yes 3 of them) into our room to start their colony.

The audacity of them to relocate to our room and that too without our permission.

I’m sad to inform that an entire colony of ants were killed during the writing of this post. If I have any PETA followers, I’m really sorry but we had no other option and they were swarming us from all directions. We panicked!! (Notice the fact that I used ‘We’ not ‘I’ cuz if I’m coming down I’m brining PR along with me :) )

* Images courtesy of Google

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