Choco - La

I went to Pondicherry, the quaint little french colony for Easter holiday(it cant be called a holiday when its only 3 days but I had a superb time)

Belated Easter Wishes Ppls!!

Another post will be coming up shortly about the trip but I had to had to spread the word to all Chocoholics about Choco-La . I had read about the place in Femina magazine and as well as in the Hindu newspaper.

Choco-La is every Chocoholics heaven. They have chocolates in every flavor, shapes and sizes. They had chocolate honey combs and even a chocolate lollypop. What more can one ask for??

We went there on Easter Sunday and they had Easter bunnies and eggs They were the cutest. The Easter eggs were made of chocolate and not cake icing which is what I have always found in India. The egg also had a variety of chocolates unlike the ├ęclairs and candies that the usual eggs contain. Again I’m talking in terms of the Easter eggs I have tried in India.
The Easter bunnies are so Cute!!

 They had something which I have never had called Chocolate pakodas. It was yum as it was an amalgamation of nuts and chocolate (what more could I ask! Bliss Pure Bliss!!)

We went there before lunch so had a couple of pakodas as starters before heading out for lunch. I had to drag PR out of the shop by his ears. We went to a restaurant just opposite the place and walked back to Choco-La like Chocostein’s (We did the Frankenstein walk!! I know so juvenile !!)

54 Degree Chocolate

We tried something called 54 degree chocolate(an in-house special) which is hot chocolate and we dip in cubes of chocolate in it and have. They had a chocolate spoon. Imagine eating the spoon at the end of your meal. It was so cool.

PR enjoying the drink. What U guys think of his nail color? Me like!

So guys if you ever plan to visit Pondicherry, do drop in to Choco-La. It is a must for all Chocoholics.
The spoons on the top left corner. Yum!! Me want now!!

We met the owner of Choco-La and he said there are plans of opening one outlet in Chennai. I’m keeping fingers crossed.

The address is Choco-La Boutique, 319, Mission Street, Pondicherry.
So True So True!!

For all those who read my previous post Sickety Sick, I know I know, I was not supposed to have all of this cuz I’m recovering. Hello I was on a holiday so I decide to listen to my stomach instead of the doc. Don’t judge me. You weren’t there!

I’m fine thank you by the way. I think the chocolate therapy helped my stomach a lot!!

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