Sickety Sick

March was not good for me – health wise. I have been falling sick on and off throughout.

It all started on a the wee early hours of a peaceful Saturday morning wherein I suddenly jumped up off the bed, ran to the bathroom and vomited my guts out. From then on it was a nonstop show.

PR would rather have his nails pulled out than watch someone vomit so basically he sat on the bed and told me that I will be fine and will get through it and would gently ask me to close the bathroom door when I throw up cuz he didn’t even want to hear it. This is the man who promised me at the altar that he would stand by me in sickness and health. 

I happened to tell people about me being sick and everyone’s like ‘Any good news??’ For those of you who are not familiar with the term “Good News”. The definition is that when a couple gets married, there are not to waste any time, the man has to sow his seed and the woman has to start up her baby making machine and spit one out of her uterus ASAP. If I had the power to throw up whenever I want, I would have done projectile vomiting on all those people waiting for the “Good News”

I got better and fell sick again in the middle of the month. I never went and saw the doc cuz I thought it was just a case of mild food poisoning and that I had to watch what I’m eating. Lately I feel very uncomfortable every time I eat something so PR finally dragged me to the doc. He’s given me antibiotics and I can’t eat the following – milk, citrus fruits, spicy food, oily food, no junk, no outside food. I can have steamed or boiled veggies, string hoppers or steamed rice cake aka idli. I’m the kinda person who lives to eat. This is torture pure torture. I can’t handle it. I’m day dreaming of food.

I want to have this

and this

The fact that I'm reading a book called 'The Chocolate Lover's diet' does not help eitherI want this too people
Ok I really need help. I think i'm gona die if i don't eat any of this.

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