TV Show Addict

I have been meaning to write about my Pondy trip and about the goodies that I bought or got recently but I have been addicted to watching TV shows.
It all started with Scrubs. I’m totally in love with that show. Turk & Carla sometimes remind me of PR & moi. My favorite character is Dr Perry Cox. He is HILARIOUS. This is the only tv show that PR & I watch together. We are on Season 7 now.

I got Ten Things I Hate About you. I loved the movie and thought the series would be equally funny. I watched it and realized that I’m no longer a teenager and the show does not appeal to me. I still ended up watching the entire season.

Then I moved on to Glee – another teenage musical series. I don’t care much for the series as such but I loved their renditions of some of the songs. My top favs are Rehab and Golddigger. In fact I like them better than the original.

I got hooked on to Desperate Housewives. I know I know what you guys are thinking of me. You have stooped too low. I enjoyed the first season. It was interesting. PR would watch if Eva Longoria is there and scantily dressed, which she is most of the time. MB called me up one day while I was watching this show and asked me what I’m doing. When I told him he couldn’t stop laughing for a good whole 5 minutes. He just went ‘Oh Sonia, Sonia Sonia!!’ He was like just because you got married you don’t have to start watching the show to get pointers on how to cheat on PR. :P

I got hooked on to Grey’s Anatomy last week and finished the first season. I am going through a phase for medical drama series. I have put House MD for download last night.

I have not watched a television show continuously for the past ten years cuz I was in a hostel or PG most of the time.

When I was at home I was addicted to them. I used to religiously watch the X-Files, Small Wonder, Charles in Charge, Full House, Law & Order, Remington Steel (Sigh!! Pierce Brosnan!!)

It was to the point that if we had to go out as a family I had to be told in advance so I can decide the time and day according to my TV shows.

I remember watching Bold & The Beautiful when I was in 1st grade with my dad. Before you guys get the wrong idea, we were living in Dubai and we used to watch the show in the regional channel way before the Star channels came. This is an Arab country so they don’t even show a kissing scene even if it’s on the cheek so the entire time we watched B&B there was no adult content. It was like watching an Indian TV series. Once Star World came and they started telecasting B&B and we saw what the actual series was about, my dad forbade me to watch it. So the entire time we saw B&B, it was like having a lollypop with the wrapper on. We never got to taste the juicy bits!! :D
Ok Peoples!! The first episode of House MD is done. Me going to watch. Catch you later Alligators!!

(I know the last bit was cheesy but couldn’t help it. I know you all still like me or do you??)

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