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An Auto Ride

The other day I left work early, took a metro train, got down at the nearest station to home.

I could have walked home from there but me being the lazy bum decided to take an auto. I got into an auto where initially the driver wanted to charge me 40 bucks for a 10 buck ride. I bargained. He cribbed. Finally brought it down to 20 bucks.

Half way through the ride, he suddenly stops the vehicle, gets out to pick up something from the middle of the road.

He comes up to me with something that looks like a bunch of TNT sticks. I kid you not!!

AD(Auto Driver):‘Madam, I think it’s a bomb!!’
ME (in my mind): ‘Why the freaking beeeep are you bringing it to me you psycho!?’
ME: Please keep it away from me, whatever the hell it is.

AD starts to prod and pluck on the contraption.

I start to hyperventilate. I calm myself by thinking of shoes especially Jimmy Choos. Then I realize I might die right now and would never own a pair of Jimmy Choos ever in my life. I start to hyperventilate again.

AD: Who do …