The Ideal App for the Idle Husband

 I was reading Scott Adam’s blog  post about a Better Husband App which is hilarious

I decided to share this post with PR and a bunch of my friends.

This is how our email conversation goes...

PR: I know I should logically be offended by this but I do think the idea is a good one... Hear me out... Granted most guys (myself included) would not take advice from a person and would never get a self-help book; However we would gladly install the 'better husband app' simply because its an app and installing apps is cool (personally installed hundreds over the years) ...

Now that we have established the market potential lets look at some of the possible functionality ... The auto prefix text to sms option mentioned below is a good start however this only scratches the surface ... The app could randomly select tasks (from a pre-programmed list) for the 'husband (a.k.a victim)' to do such as laundry; grocery shopping; take wife out shopping etc.

The app could also pull your location data and cross reference that with the wife's (a.k.a. master) list of favorite stores or bakeries and scan through her online wish-list subsequently alerting the husband of a potential purchase decision. This will not only earn him brownie points with the wife for the 'apparent' spontaneous gift but also earn him points which he can then redeem at a lingerie channel partner .. coz lets face it, lingerie is a gift for both partners ;)
(this is also an interesting way for the app developers to earn revenue .. through location based services i.e. pushing alerts to the husband to buy items with registered vendors. Thus was when a purchase is made based on the app's recommendations then the developer gets a small cut from the vendor.)

Next feature would be to sync with the wife's wishlist of must watch movies and check with local cinemas and TV guides to search for a match. Once a match is found it would alert the husband of the match and allow for a one-click booking (for two tickets only) from the smartphone itself. Here again the online ticket vendor will provide a small cut to the app developer so another revenue stream is created.

Another easy feature to implement is the syncing with calender to remember all important dates such as birthdays of wife/ her family and friends (but not the good looking ones), the birthdays and names of her family's pets, etc .. The app could also check with their wishlists and suggest gifting options (once again from registered retailers)..

An important feature the app should enable is the ''call wife randomly and say nice things" option. These calls will be initiated at random times and husband will earn app-points for each call made. These points can be redeemed for discounts from the telecom operator (again a cut of which will feed back to the developer).

The app could also sync with your facebook profile and automatically push your relation status with every female friend request you send/receive (just saying).. It could also sync with your picasa and facebook albums and randomly select a photo of both husband and wife together and put that up as profile photo.

As I am at work and as the name suggests, need to actually do some ... I am forced to end this email here. Guys dont be discouraged, I will soon come up with an idea for a similar app called the better girlfriend/wife app so watch this space.

Abi, interested in codifying this idea? I'm sure we can get some venture funding :)   

Did I mention that PR is a tech geek and would take a moment if he was asked to choose between me and his android phone and stick to the phone!! I sometimes think he married me to take care of him but his loyalty and devotion is towards his gadgets..

Abi: :D .. well Sonia is the Resident java expert.  She is the only one qualified to do this. I can port it into c# for apple once its done.

PR: Cool, so Sonia ... let us know your thoughts on the feasibility of coding this beast ..

Nina: I'll test the app for free once its ready. sonia girl, get started for the good of humankind :)

Abi: So let me get this straight, You want ur wife to write wat I assume will be atleast a COUPLE THOUSAND lines of code, to make you a better husband, and if it is a hit, Rich.

won't it be easier for her to throw tantrums :P ....

it might not be automated, but she'll at least get what she wants.

1000 pts to Abi for this idea

Kay: OUCH!

ME: I'm sticking to Abi's suggested method. so much easier and less of coding...

Lot more emotional attyachar..

Abi:  Actually I meant to say Use her womanly Charm ... :P but watever works ... :D

-10,000 pts for the last bit of this one..

Nina:  But no one will get rich that way!!! Sonia u can still use emotional attyachar but u'll also be rich!!! ;)

ME: Since all of you are very keen on me building this app, I'll do it but only on one condition.

PR, I'll be requiring your Android phone up front for testing.

What do u say???

Nina :  On prithvi's behalf I say.... Deal!!! ;)

PR: Err .. My phone ... Err ... Well ... Ahmm ... we dont really need the money .. i think i'll stick to your tantrums ... i mean Womanly charm !!!

Hang on .. you can start on Symbian.. No wait that's dead .. ok lets get you an ipod touch ... you can test it out on that ... or even an android emulator that we can run on the PC... There's no reason to harm my poor defenseless phone now is there !!!

Happy Weekend Ppls!!

pics courtesy of Google

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