Word of the day : Consentment

ME: Did you know that Adidas bought Reebok?
PR: I thought it was the other way around. Isnt Reebok bigger compared to Adidas?
ME: Nope. Can’t believe they didnt take my consentment in the takeover.
PR: What is consentment? There is consent and then there is consignment. What are you talking about?
ME: I’m talking about consenment. you know to take permission from a person for e.g. me.
PR: There is no such word as consenment.
ME: There is
PR: is not
ME: :P
PR: Thank god you have Mal (my mother tongue) to fall back on when English fails you.
ME: Uh-Huh!! :(
PR: So what is the word in Mal for Consentment?
ME: in deep thought
PR: atleast tell me what is permission in mal?
ME: It is at the tip of my tongue. :D
ME: ok smartass. How many languages do you know other than English?
PR: Well I only know English and know it well, unlike some people who know bits and pieces of  some languages
ME: :(

So after the above conversation, I have decided to proclaim to the world, the word I have invented

Consentment - to get permission from Sonia..

So all of you have my consentment to use this word. :)

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