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Movie Review

Well this post is not about a review for a movie.. This post is all about how in our family, we used to judge whether a movie would be a good one or not.

The judge for that is our dad and No its not based on his opinion or view on the movie. Its based on when he falls asleep during the movie. :p

The last movie I saw with my dad was Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara, which by the way is a brilliant kick ass movie. I was watching it on TV today and thought of jotting this post..

For those of you, who have read this post of mine would know that my dad could fall asleep in a blink of an eye..

My dad has never seen a movie fully at one ago.. 

I remember going for Tashan with Dad and my siblings. My dad fell asleep during the opening credits itself and my sis was like, 'Let's just leave now, the movie is gona be terrible.. Papa's already fallen asleep...' I was like, 'The movie couldn't be that bad. Let's just sit through it...' Boy!! Was I so wrong!! That movie was the m…