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Fifty Shades of WHAT!!!

Disclaimer: This post contains material that is of adult content. So anyone below 18yrs should absolutely read this post. (I'm trying reverse psychology and seeing if that works!!! )

I first came to know about the Fifty Shades of books from my baby sister. All she told me was that it was a fan fiction of the Twilight series in adult content.
Yes I have publicly admitted in this blog that I was a huge fan of Twilight and was part of Team Edward. FYI!! I'm totally ashamed of that due to which I didn't bother with the Fifty shades series.

I had gone to London as part of work and everyday while travelling to & from to office, I would see at least 2-3 women reading the Fifty shades book(the brave ones) and the remaining were reading from their ipads.  I realize that the book was huge in London.

I had asked my cousin about the books and she was like 'Everyone I know have read this book!! You have to read the book' and actually loaned me her iphone so I could read the…

The 'Just Married Please Excuse' Contest

So I got a ping from a friend of mine, Shravanti, saying that I should take part in this contest.
I have to write a post on a funny incident that has happened as part of being married. Being married to PR I have truck loads of stuff to write about.

Today is the last day to submit for this contest and I am forcing to write this post cuz of two things.
The lucky winners get

A free copy of Yashodhara Lal's book 'Just Married Please Excuse'10 Delhi based bloggers get to have lunch at the new Mamagoto restaurant opened up in Gurgaon. I Love Love Mamagoto food. I got to the Saket City Walk mall just to have food at Mamagoto.  I mean for a good book and awesome awesome oriental food, I'd sell my soul.. :)
Yashodhara in her blog post said that we should write an incident but I'm gona go above and beyond  and write more than 1 and also about an incident that happened to close friends of mine. 
Incident 1
Its been a month since PR and I had been married and we had gone shoppi…

Ahoy Melbourne!!!

Visiting Australia has always been a goal of mine so when sent a mail with the subject  "It's your time to visit Melbourne NOW!!" where the winner gets a trip to the land down under – I instantly was like “Challenge Accepted”.
Since some of you may also be vying for the coveted opportunity I thought I’d start you off with a little friendly advice. Have iterations to your entry!  On my first attempt I went a little crazy and included over a hundred reasons – from learning to use a boomerang to stalking Hugh Jackman. Many many iterations later and I have cut it down to this … Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you may not have been waiting for – my top picks to why I should visit Melbourne are (in no particular order): 1.The three Ks 2.The great Waugh 3.A TV show 4.A berry 5.and to prove once n for all that Coriolis effect has no impact on a toilet flush
As a child I was captivated by the following creatures from Australia

Koala Bear - I remember my dad buying me …

Damn You Auto Correct

Have you guys checked out ? It is hilarious stuff ppl..

PR has the DYAC app on his phone and we both have a good time reading this stuff. We literally have tears in our eyes..

Yesterday I became one of the victims of auto correct and PR promptly captured it. :)

So here's our addition to the Damn You Auto Correct

A Cocktail of Super Heroes and Vampire Hunting President

He He He.. I loved the title.. This is my review of the movies that I have recently seen.

The Amazing Spider-man I personally didnt find anything amaazing about this movie as such.
When you compare it to the earlier spiderman movies, this one is amazing though.. :)
Andrew Garfield was a far better spiderman, humorous like in the comic books and not at all Tobey-Mcguire-I'll-cry-if-say-boo types..
It was cute to see the chemisty of on and off screen couple - Andrew & Emma.

My rating is 3 out of 5

If I had an option to choose my all-time fav comic book superhero movie, it would be The Avengers.. It's brilliant. PR and I have seen it thrice in the theatres.

Speaking of Avengers, the other day Dad pings saying 'Do not disturb, we are watching Avatar in 3d'. I was like (in-my-mind), Avatar was released 3yrs ago but whatever catches his fancy, told him to enjoy the movie.  He calls me during the interval
Papa:What is going on in the movie, who's the angry green gian…

Cupcakes, Earthquake and Brazilian Hair

Now that I have your attention with my post heading.. How u been?? What you been upto??

I have been busy the past couple of months.. I have found my calling in life. 
It is baking people!!
Errr.. hmmm.. Hang on a minute.. I meant baking in the pastry-chef-sort-of-way and not in a Hannibal-Lector-sort-of-way .. 
  And No I don't have anything dramatic to say like i-quit-my-job-and-opened-a-bakery or something like that. I just bake a lot of cupcakes and cookies in my spare time. 
 Seeing this, my mom got inspired and made some of her own.. My dad takes a snap and sends it across to me with the caption

I kid you not.. Those were his exact words.I called him up and he was like, by seeing the pic, how can you prove its actual edible stuff and not cow-dung. All you need to do is to decorate with some cashew nuts and voila.. 

Speaking of my dad, he and my sis share the same birthday and for his birthday this year, she had written a blog post about him as a present. She had asked him to check…

Birthday Special

I got my share of cake and ate it too. :)

It wasn't me who ate the bits from both cake pieces.. It was PR..  I swear!! :P

Since it's a special day I had to have some purple.. But then again I don't need a special day to have purple..

I totally love this sandal and the nail paint...

My sis called me up at 12 to wish me. She was like 'Happy Birthday!! Remember you are beep yrs old and are getting older.. Anyways have a gr8 day!!' Just like any annoying- much-younger-who-still-has-her-whole-life-in-front-of-her sister!! 
My response was 'F*$% Off' and I hung up on her.. 
PR gave me the following stuff

And then he gets me this...

An Incredible Hulk T-shirt. Cuz apparently I remind PR of him in terms of Hulk's size and rage.. :P I have decided to wear this T-shirt whenever I go out with PR to tell everyone what I've been married to.. To add insult to injury, he got me a size L and was like if it doesn't fit you we can exchange for a bigger size.. :D

Romance Didn't Die - HE KILLED IT!!

Warning!! This post contains pearls of wisdom by PR.

I'm not making this shit up!! PR has actually said the below stuff..

So the other day PR was acting like a child. Wait a minute.. Its PR.. He acts like a child all the time.. I need to shout at him to pick up his socks and God knows what not.. Sometimes I don't feel like I got married..  more of like adoption of a child.. :P

ME: Aren't you ashamed that your wife treats you like a child?
PR: No. I'm just ashamed that I have a wife.

I was just flabbergasted. I didn't have anything to say...

We were had gone for a vacation and were on our way back home on the day of our wedding anniversary..

ME: Baby! Are you sad that we are travelling on our anniversary?
PR: No. I'm just sad that I have an anniversary..

I didn't push him off the moving vehicle just because it was our anniversary.

I have this - I wouldn't necessarily say annoying but PR vouches for it, for asking inane questions like 'How much do you lo…