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I hope all of you had a wonderful new year. I'm not going to apologize or give a reason for not updating my blog. Let's just say that I have taken a new year resolution to update my blog regularly and I failed miserably in the first 15 days of this year!! :P

For those of you who know me and people who have read my blog will know that i'm fanatic about the color PURPLE!!  I have been wanting to get a purple phone for a long time but none of the companies had come out with a purple phone or the ones that were there were quite blah. Mind you, I'm talking about last year!!

One day PR told me about this phone and it was love at first sight. 

The only gripe was that it  was a blackberry and for those who have read this post of mine, you would know that I swore that I would never buy a blackberry like never ever.

After contemplating about the phone for months, yes months!!, I was secretly hoping nokia or samsung would come out with a purple phone, I caved in and bought it. It was one of the happiest days of 2011!! :)

I became one of the Blackberry Boys!!

This was a brilliant ad and I love the expression on the suit boys!!

A couple of weeks after I bought the phone and still basking in its glory, I was in the elevator with one of the neighbor's kid, who's probably in the 5th grade and was having the white version of my phone. Our conversation went something like this

ME: So is that your mom's phone?
KID: Aunty.. actually... (stops becuz i'm nearly hyperventilating)
ME: Not AUNTY!!.. Didi!! Call me didi!!
KID: Ok  Didi(eyes rolling!!!) This was a bday gift from my parents!
ME: (nearly in tears!!) ok!! :(

This kid was busy updating his Facebook status. He actually had the blackberry service activated. I was flabbergasted. I mean what has the world come to! Kids using business phones!! Crazy!! 

I'm still in love with my Purpleberry!!

Though I have eyes on this new HTC Rhyme!! Its also purple but I cant get around to using a touchscreen phone!! 

I can always learn and keep my Purpleberry as a backup!! What do you say PR??!!?? 

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