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Birthday Special

I got my share of cake and ate it too. :)

It wasn't me who ate the bits from both cake pieces.. It was PR..  I swear!! :P

Since it's a special day I had to have some purple.. But then again I don't need a special day to have purple..

I totally love this sandal and the nail paint...

My sis called me up at 12 to wish me. She was like 'Happy Birthday!! Remember you are beep yrs old and are getting older.. Anyways have a gr8 day!!' Just like any annoying- much-younger-who-still-has-her-whole-life-in-front-of-her sister!! 
My response was 'F*$% Off' and I hung up on her.. 
PR gave me the following stuff

And then he gets me this...

An Incredible Hulk T-shirt. Cuz apparently I remind PR of him in terms of Hulk's size and rage.. :P I have decided to wear this T-shirt whenever I go out with PR to tell everyone what I've been married to.. To add insult to injury, he got me a size L and was like if it doesn't fit you we can exchange for a bigger size.. :D

Romance Didn't Die - HE KILLED IT!!

Warning!! This post contains pearls of wisdom by PR.

I'm not making this shit up!! PR has actually said the below stuff..

So the other day PR was acting like a child. Wait a minute.. Its PR.. He acts like a child all the time.. I need to shout at him to pick up his socks and God knows what not.. Sometimes I don't feel like I got married..  more of like adoption of a child.. :P

ME: Aren't you ashamed that your wife treats you like a child?
PR: No. I'm just ashamed that I have a wife.

I was just flabbergasted. I didn't have anything to say...

We were had gone for a vacation and were on our way back home on the day of our wedding anniversary..

ME: Baby! Are you sad that we are travelling on our anniversary?
PR: No. I'm just sad that I have an anniversary..

I didn't push him off the moving vehicle just because it was our anniversary.

I have this - I wouldn't necessarily say annoying but PR vouches for it, for asking inane questions like 'How much do you lo…