Birthday Special

I got my share of cake and ate it too. :)

It wasn't me who ate the bits from both cake pieces.. It was PR..  I swear!! :P

Since it's a special day I had to have some purple.. But then again I don't need a special day to have purple..

I totally love this sandal and the nail paint...

My sis called me up at 12 to wish me. She was like 'Happy Birthday!! Remember you are beep yrs old and are getting older.. Anyways have a gr8 day!!' Just like any annoying- much-younger-who-still-has-her-whole-life-in-front-of-her sister!! 

My response was 'F*$% Off' and I hung up on her.. 

PR gave me the following stuff

Totally loved both the cards!!

PR has good taste when it comes to jewelry

Always wanted a white clutch!!

And then he gets me this...

An Incredible Hulk T-shirt. Cuz apparently I remind PR of him in terms of Hulk's size and rage.. :P
I have decided to wear this T-shirt whenever I go out with PR to tell everyone what I've been married to.. To add insult to injury, he got me a size L and was like if it doesn't fit you we can exchange for a bigger size.. :D

But I forgave him and decide to stick with him because he got me this:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you  the new love of my life..

Isn't it gorgeous?? Pure Lust!!

I was on Cloud 9!!!

PR took me out for dinner to this awesome restaurant name Drift. Had the most yummilcious hummus like ever and delicious spaghetti. Mind you I lived most of my life in the Middle East and never had such tasty and mouth-watering hummus... 

To top it off, for dessert we had this gorgeous Lemon tart!! 

I was never a lime-dessert kind of person. 

ME: If it were not for you, I never would have tried any lime based dessert and would have missed out on this yummy tart.
PR:Thanks!! If it were not for you, I wouldn't be married and would not be missing out on all the beautiful HOT girls out there...

That's PR for you!!! 

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