Romance Didn't Die - HE KILLED IT!!

Warning!! This post contains pearls of wisdom by PR.

I'm not making this shit up!! PR has actually said the below stuff..

So the other day PR was acting like a child. Wait a minute.. Its PR.. He acts like a child all the time.. I need to shout at him to pick up his socks and God knows what not.. Sometimes I don't feel like I got married..  more of like adoption of a child.. :P

ME: Aren't you ashamed that your wife treats you like a child?
PR: No. I'm just ashamed that I have a wife.

I was just flabbergasted. I didn't have anything to say...

We were had gone for a vacation and were on our way back home on the day of our wedding anniversary..

ME: Baby! Are you sad that we are travelling on our anniversary?
PR: No. I'm just sad that I have an anniversary..

I didn't push him off the moving vehicle just because it was our anniversary.

I have this - I wouldn't necessarily say annoying but PR vouches for it, for asking inane questions like 'How much do you love me and stuff like what would you do if I went missing?' You know normal random questions. So the other day I asked just before we went off to sleep

ME: Baby! How will you feel if I woke up dead tmrw?
PR: Then I would be married to a Zombie.. Speaking of zombies, what does a vegetarian zombie say?
ME: I don't know...
PR:(with hands stretched out) GRAINS!!

Have you guys tried out KFC's virgin mojito's?? It's awesome stuff!! It's PR's fav drink. So the other day we were at a mall and PR wanted to have the mojito and he went off to KFC. 5 mins later he comes out shouting

'KFC is out of Virgins!! Only Sluts available!!'

What am I supposed to do with this guy? I mean he just comes up with random stuff on the spot.

Like his description of the Jasmine tea I had in this post.

'Water that was collected at the base of a mushroom growing on the side of a tree which was peed on by a passing squirrel.'

That's all for now..

Oh yeah! One more, while I was writing this post, PR happened to walk past by and he was like

'You are gona become famous because of me and my antics just like that dude who wrote Marley & Me. Like Marley, I will also have pretty girls coming up to cuddle & pet me. Don't you dare get me neutered like they did to Marely. That's it Sonia, I'm warning you "NO MORE SEZ" ' :P

Pics except the 1st one is courtesy of Google!!

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