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Cupcakes, Earthquake and Brazilian Hair

Now that I have your attention with my post heading.. How u been?? What you been upto??

I have been busy the past couple of months.. I have found my calling in life. 
It is baking people!!
Errr.. hmmm.. Hang on a minute.. I meant baking in the pastry-chef-sort-of-way and not in a Hannibal-Lector-sort-of-way .. 
  And No I don't have anything dramatic to say like i-quit-my-job-and-opened-a-bakery or something like that. I just bake a lot of cupcakes and cookies in my spare time. 
 Seeing this, my mom got inspired and made some of her own.. My dad takes a snap and sends it across to me with the caption

I kid you not.. Those were his exact words.I called him up and he was like, by seeing the pic, how can you prove its actual edible stuff and not cow-dung. All you need to do is to decorate with some cashew nuts and voila.. 

Speaking of my dad, he and my sis share the same birthday and for his birthday this year, she had written a blog post about him as a present. She had asked him to check…