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A Cocktail of Super Heroes and Vampire Hunting President

He He He.. I loved the title.. This is my review of the movies that I have recently seen.

The Amazing Spider-man I personally didnt find anything amaazing about this movie as such.
When you compare it to the earlier spiderman movies, this one is amazing though.. :)
Andrew Garfield was a far better spiderman, humorous like in the comic books and not at all Tobey-Mcguire-I'll-cry-if-say-boo types..
It was cute to see the chemisty of on and off screen couple - Andrew & Emma.

My rating is 3 out of 5

If I had an option to choose my all-time fav comic book superhero movie, it would be The Avengers.. It's brilliant. PR and I have seen it thrice in the theatres.

Speaking of Avengers, the other day Dad pings saying 'Do not disturb, we are watching Avatar in 3d'. I was like (in-my-mind), Avatar was released 3yrs ago but whatever catches his fancy, told him to enjoy the movie.  He calls me during the interval
Papa:What is going on in the movie, who's the angry green gian…