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The 'Just Married Please Excuse' Contest

So I got a ping from a friend of mine, Shravanti, saying that I should take part in this contest.
I have to write a post on a funny incident that has happened as part of being married. Being married to PR I have truck loads of stuff to write about.

Today is the last day to submit for this contest and I am forcing to write this post cuz of two things.
The lucky winners get

A free copy of Yashodhara Lal's book 'Just Married Please Excuse'10 Delhi based bloggers get to have lunch at the new Mamagoto restaurant opened up in Gurgaon. I Love Love Mamagoto food. I got to the Saket City Walk mall just to have food at Mamagoto.  I mean for a good book and awesome awesome oriental food, I'd sell my soul.. :)
Yashodhara in her blog post said that we should write an incident but I'm gona go above and beyond  and write more than 1 and also about an incident that happened to close friends of mine. 
Incident 1
Its been a month since PR and I had been married and we had gone shoppi…

Ahoy Melbourne!!!

Visiting Australia has always been a goal of mine so when sent a mail with the subject  "It's your time to visit Melbourne NOW!!" where the winner gets a trip to the land down under – I instantly was like “Challenge Accepted”.
Since some of you may also be vying for the coveted opportunity I thought I’d start you off with a little friendly advice. Have iterations to your entry!  On my first attempt I went a little crazy and included over a hundred reasons – from learning to use a boomerang to stalking Hugh Jackman. Many many iterations later and I have cut it down to this … Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you may not have been waiting for – my top picks to why I should visit Melbourne are (in no particular order): 1.The three Ks 2.The great Waugh 3.A TV show 4.A berry 5.and to prove once n for all that Coriolis effect has no impact on a toilet flush
As a child I was captivated by the following creatures from Australia

Koala Bear - I remember my dad buying me …

Damn You Auto Correct

Have you guys checked out ? It is hilarious stuff ppl..

PR has the DYAC app on his phone and we both have a good time reading this stuff. We literally have tears in our eyes..

Yesterday I became one of the victims of auto correct and PR promptly captured it. :)

So here's our addition to the Damn You Auto Correct