Friday, August 31, 2012

The 'Just Married Please Excuse' Contest

So I got a ping from a friend of mine, Shravanti, saying that I should take part in this contest.
I have to write a post on a funny incident that has happened as part of being married. Being married to PR I have truck loads of stuff to write about.

Today is the last day to submit for this contest and I am forcing to write this post cuz of two things.
The lucky winners get

  • A free copy of Yashodhara Lal's book 'Just Married Please Excuse'
  • 10 Delhi based bloggers get to have lunch at the new Mamagoto restaurant opened up in Gurgaon. I Love Love Mamagoto food. I got to the Saket City Walk mall just to have food at Mamagoto. 
I mean for a good book and awesome awesome oriental food, I'd sell my soul.. :)

Yashodhara in her blog post said that we should write an incident but I'm gona go above and beyond  and write more than 1 and also about an incident that happened to close friends of mine. 

Incident 1

Its been a month since PR and I had been married and we had gone shopping. I was the one shopping and PR was there to hold the bags. 
He met a colleague there and this is how he introduces her to me

Sonia meet ABC, we worked together.

This is how he introduces me to her

ABC meet Sonia, we studied together. 

I nudged him and reminded him that we are married and he went

'Oh crap!! She's my wife too!! Note to myself!! I'm married!'

Incident 2

PR and I were used to sleeping alone in the bed. However being married, we were forced to share the bed. Don't get ahead of yourself - I'm not talking about anything naughty before you go 'Gross!! ' or 'Nice, we need more details' (The ppl in the second category, stay away from my blog.. :P)

In the middle of a dream, I guess I was fighting dragons and I ended up whacking PR on his face.
The next day PR was like 'What the hell Sonia! I nearly jumped out of the bed'
A couple of days later, PR punches my face in his sleep. I had the fright of my life.  I gave him a piece of my mind without the knowledge of what's gonna happen in the future. I wish I had kept my mouth shut.

Another couple of days later, my alarm on the phone went off in the morning, I snoozed it and went back to sleep holding the phone in my hand. When it rang again, I kind of hit PR's forehead with the phone. Hey!! in my defense, I was shocked to hear some sound  from my hand and I was having a twisted dream and I had to fight the demons.
PR has been going around telling everyone how he's in a violent marriage and is scared to go to sleep every night!! He said  he's gona take his revenge and will catch me by surprise. He said that 2 yrs ago and I'm still sleeping in fear. I'm like Barney being scared of Marshall in How I Met Your Mother for the slapbet!!

What I have learned from this incident is that I'm pretty much ready to attack and fight the dragons and demons if i meet them in real life!! :)

Moving on to my friends, lets just hypothetically call them, Beauty and the Beast.

First of all they got married on Sep 11 and you all know what else has happened on the same date.

On their first anniversary, they took off from work and decided to spend the day together. She was entering their room and at the same time he was coming out and according to him, he gently nudged the door. Well in truth, she went flying across the room and was on the floor.
Beauty was sitting on the floor with her hand on her hand and  Beast was like 'Enought Beauty!! get up and get ready'
Once she removed her hand, she was bleeding like crazy from her forehead.Beast rushed her to the hospital. The doctor attending to her, took her aside and was like 'Is there any domestic violence? Should we call the cops?'  Beauty reassured the doc that it was an accident and nothing more.

When I met Beauty in the evening, she had something hilarious to say. Apparently when her father-in-law came to know, he called her aside and was like ' I know a good divorce lawyer. I'll make sure that you get everything and that worthless son of mine is out on the streets. '

Beast's dad always reminded me of Jasmine's father from Aladdin, all cute and cuddly.

He's so much of fun to hang around with especially when he's had a drink or two.

This is a small snippet of the hilarious chaos that is marriage. I can go on but I need to stop cuz PR is walking around in his boxers eating Nutella out of the tub!!

Upadate: I won the contest!!! Yay!!! Thanks Yashodhara for picking me as one of the winners!!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ahoy Melbourne!!!

Visiting Australia has always been a goal of mine so when sent a mail  with the subject  "It's your time to visit Melbourne NOW!!" where the winner gets a trip to the land down under – I instantly was like “Challenge Accepted”.  

Since some of you may also be vying for the coveted opportunity I thought I’d start you off with a little friendly advice. Have iterations to your entry! 
On my first attempt I went a little crazy and included over a hundred reasons – from learning to use a boomerang to stalking Hugh Jackman. Many many iterations later and I have cut it down to this …
Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you may not have been waiting for – my top picks to why I should visit Melbourne are (in no particular order):
  • 1.      The three Ks
    2.       The great Waugh
    3.       A TV show
    4.       A berry
    5.       and to prove once n for all that Coriolis effect has no impact on a toilet flush

As a child I was captivated by the following creatures from Australia

Koala Bear - I remember my dad buying me my first stuff toy. I was probably around 8 and my parents had taken me to a toy store and asked me to pick a toy. I picked up a Koala Bear stuff toy. I didnt know what it was. I just knew he (Yes! it was a he. He was named Bear. I know, not very original. I had not even seen Breakfast At Tiffany's so I didnt get inspired by that movie either!!!)  was meant for me. I used to hug him every night and go to sleep. 
For the longest time I didnt know that there were actual Koala Bears. I remember seeing them on Discovery Channel and was so fascinated and ever since I 
always wanted to hold a live Koala Bear. Friends of mine who have been to Australia have said that they are the most adorable creatures on earth.

Kangaroo - When you say Kangaroo, the only thing that comes into my mind is Skippy the bush Kangaroo. This was a TV series that I used to watch on Channel 33 as a kid in Dubai. I used to rush back home from school and plonk myself in front of the TV. I used to have Skippy cornflakes (I don't think
the cereal had any association with the show, but I remember that the cover had a pic of the kangaroo and that was enough for me!!) for breakfast. :)

Kookaburra Bird - For those of who don't know anything about this bird , here's a short snippet. They are part of the Kingfisher family and they are famous for their call which sounds like a human laugh. I have never seen or heard one before, other than on Youtube. 
I had this Three Investigators book, The Mystery of the Laughing Shadow, where the Kookaburra bird played a major role. When I read it, I just couldnt imagine a bird having a human laugh and throughout my childhood I thought it was a fictional bird. Years later, when I was bored I searched Kookaburra on Wiki and was surprised to find that such a bird exists.

So if I ever get a chance to go Melbourne, I would love to go see these unique creatures at the Philip island and at the Melbourne Zoo. Won't that be fun???

During my teens, I went through this phase of a cricket crazy Indian but the big difference between me and every other Indian cricket fan was that I had a huge huge crush on Steve Waugh to the point my classmates used to call me Mrs Waugh.

I'm not making this up. I can get my school friends to vouch for this. 
One stop would be at the Melbourne Cricket Ground to check out the Australia Cricket Hall of fame where Steve has been inducted. :)

My recent interest for something Australian is Masterchef Australia which is aired on Star World. PR absolutely cannot stand the show and calls it MasterCrap. I have disowned him for this remark.. :(
I'm a foodie and totally totally love this show. It's only this cooking competition show that I religiously watch. The hosts of this show, especially Gary Mehigan, who is so adorable & is my favorite, are so sweet and polite (so much better than the other versions of the show from other regions!!)
After watching all the seasons of the show, one thing I have been craving to have is fresh Raspberries. I have never ever had them. They look so yum!!! Sigh!! 

I would love to go to the Queen Victoria market and try the wonderful fresh produce available especially yummy raspberries. I have seen the market on the show and its just wonderful to look at all the fresh fruits and vegetables and also try some local cuisine while I'm there. :)

I would definitely go and check out Gary's award winning Feenix restaurant if I have to give an arm and leg for it..

Ok, I want to visit Melbourne NOW!!! PR, do something!!! My birthday, our anniversary is coming up in the near future. I have given you a big hint as to what I want.. :)

PR and those who wana visit Melbourne, check this link, for further info.. 

All pics courtesy of Google

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Damn You Auto Correct

Have you guys checked out ? It is hilarious stuff ppl..

PR has the DYAC app on his phone and we both have a good time reading this stuff. We literally have tears in our eyes..

Yesterday I became one of the victims of auto correct and PR promptly captured it. :)

So here's our addition to the Damn You Auto Correct