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Fifty Shades of WHAT!!!

Disclaimer: This post contains material that is of adult content. So anyone below 18yrs should absolutely read this post. (I'm trying reverse psychology and seeing if that works!!! )

I first came to know about the Fifty Shades of books from my baby sister. All she told me was that it was a fan fiction of the Twilight series in adult content.
Yes I have publicly admitted in this blog that I was a huge fan of Twilight and was part of Team Edward. FYI!! I'm totally ashamed of that due to which I didn't bother with the Fifty shades series.

I had gone to London as part of work and everyday while travelling to & from to office, I would see at least 2-3 women reading the Fifty shades book(the brave ones) and the remaining were reading from their ipads.  I realize that the book was huge in London.

I had asked my cousin about the books and she was like 'Everyone I know have read this book!! You have to read the book' and actually loaned me her iphone so I could read the…