Fifty Shades of WHAT!!!

Disclaimer: This post contains material that is of adult content. So anyone below 18yrs should absolutely read this post. (I'm trying reverse psychology and seeing if that works!!! )

I first came to know about the Fifty Shades of books from my baby sister. All she told me was that it was a fan fiction of the Twilight series in adult content.
Yes I have publicly admitted in this blog that I was a huge fan of Twilight and was part of Team Edward. FYI!! I'm totally ashamed of that due to which I didn't bother with the Fifty shades series.

I had gone to London as part of work and everyday while travelling to & from to office, I would see at least 2-3 women reading the Fifty shades book(the brave ones) and the remaining were reading from their ipads.  I realize that the book was huge in London.

I had asked my cousin about the books and she was like 'Everyone I know have read this book!! You have to read the book' and actually loaned me her iphone so I could read the book.

I decided to give it a shot and read the first few chapters of the book and my expression was exactly like this.

I called her up and was like 'WTF is he doing to her?? Why is he handcuffing her?? There is no story at all. There is ABSOLUTELY no story!!' Before I could carry on she stopped me and said 'First of all, you are reading the third book, so stop reading that immediately!!'

I listened to her and started reading the proper book and I went something like this.

I kind of understood why women were addicted to it. Honestly speaking and I'm not ashamed to say it but I got hooked on to the book. It was more of like an education for me with what kind of stuff people do and like.. More of like an eye-opener.

I read somewhere that they are making a movie of it and thinking of casting Ryan Gosling.

I mean how can I- not-continue-reading this book without picturing this GORGEOUS man!! He's so the Christian Grey!!

I told PR that I was reading this book and he was like 'What is so great about this book??' I actually made him read one entire page out loud and it was hilarious.

He was like, 'Why don't you just watch porn?? Its so much easier than reading and then imagining it. Watching porn would take less effort and time!!'

Click to view the funny note!!
PR read that this book series has been classified Mummy Porn!! I don't even know what that even means and who came with that classification.

I have this annoying habit for forgetting my best friend's birthday and wishing her either one day before or after her birthday. I have been doing that for years!! In spite of having FB , I still managed to forget her birthday this year also.

To make up for it, I decided to gift her the Fifty shades trilogy. I go to the bookshop and ask one of the attendants for the book.  A couple of heads bob up from different aisles to look at the woman who has brazenly asked for the "Fifty Shades" book. The guy brings the first book and I go 'OH no!!  I want the entire collection' I heard someone cough and another person went 'OH!!'

So my verdict for this book. Its a one time read if you can stomach the stuff that she has written.
 For others who are not planning just check out the reading of this book by Gilbert Gottfried!! It is hilarious and bloody brilliant!! For those who have read the book, all the fantasies will go down the drain!!

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