Friday, October 18, 2013

Hugh Jackman and Micromax

I just found out that Micromax has hired Hugh Jackman as the face of their brand. 

HUGH Jackman!! This is HUGE!!! Hugh is HAWT!!

I have always associated Micromax as a brand that makes low cost phones. From the fact that they can afford Hugh means they have been made money. LOTS of it!!!

I find their tag line very corny - Nothing like Anything. What does that even mean?

Hugh Jackman makes that sound hotter and sexier.  We'll need to wait a while to see the rest of the commercial. Clearly I'm least bothered about the product that they are selling. 

Micromax!! Do not disappoint me and make this ad worth it. Make Hugh look good but then again he can never look bad.

I love the way HTC used Robert Downey Jr in their commercial. It was quirky and funny.

If you have read till now, you would have understood, I have no interest in the products these actors endorsed. Its the actors that interest me. :)

Have a good day!! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lion Man Hair and A Linguistic Adventure

PR sucks at languages except for English. He has lived his entire life in India and can't speak any Indian language properly to save his life. 

To give a background, PR grew up in Madras which technically means he should know how to speak in Tamil. Don't jump to conclusions. He has lived in a bubble where everyone spoke English. I don't know how he managed that cuz I lived there for a couple of years and not encountered a single auto or taxi driver who could speak a full sentence in English. 

This sometimes works out pretty fine for me cuz I speak a couple of languages and could so  totally bitch about him and he wouldn't have a clue.  PR if you are reading this, I said I could which doesn't necessarily mean I do.  For the others, I so definitely do that. 

The icing on the cake is, PR is so gona kill me for the next bit that I'm gona tell you all.


Wait for it!!

Here goes!!

PR failed in the English exam during college. Yes you heard me right!! We were all shocked and our reactions were like

Forget the fact that there was some screw up in the correction and after re-evaluation of the paper he might have got the highest marks. Nobody remembers that!! Everyone remembers him as the guy who failed in English.

Classmates of his who can't speak English to save their lives would come up to him and say ''PR, I fail 14 subjects but English I pass!! I heard you no pass!! He he he" 

Lion Man Enters

I speak to my mom in malayalam (my mother tongue,for those who are interested) and there is a word in malayalam for saying 'That guy' or it can be 'That person'. The word is pulikaran (It is pronounced the way it is read)
I didn't realize that I use this word so often till PR pointed it out to me one day. He's like who's this Lion man you keep talking to your mom about. 

It took me a couple of seconds actually more than that to figure out what he's talking about. The minute he said lion man, i pictured something on the lines of this picture. 

I was like 'Woah!! That would be so cool and awesome!!' PR as usual had to bring me back to reality. He was like so who's lion man?? I just couldn't figure out what he's talking about. He gently broke it down and explained it to me.
He was like 'You keep saying pulikaran to your mom all the time. Doesn't puli mean lion and karan mean man??' (For those of who are unaware, Tamil & Malayalam are similar and share words which mean the same) He came to that conclusion that it was some code word between mom and I about some guy that I was seeing behind his back. Even if I was seeing someone, out of all the people in the world why oh why would I discuss that with my mom??!!??

Jumping topics like I always do, what's with all the advertisements targeting products for men. 
The one that I find most annoying is the Park Avenue Beer shampoo ad.

The guy in the ad is so annoying and I wondered who in their right mind would find this appealing. Little did I know that I was living with someone who loved the ad,drove to the nearest chemist store and bought himself a Beer shampoo cuz its for Man hair. 

Whoever came up with the idea has done their research well cuz humor sells with men. You add humor to a product and all the men will line up at the store to buy if even if they don't want it. Its either humor or scantly clad women!! Sheesh!! Men I tell you!!

The latest one to join the bandwagon is the Old spice commercial. The person to endorse is the gorgeous Milind Soman.I actually like this ad. Milind is Mantastic in this one!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The One with Dengue, Itchasaurus and Gadget Cake

This year I have fallen sick quite a bit and that too with stuff that I have never got ever in my life.

Case 1: Itchasaurus

I had gone to Kerala and some plant had some age old revenge to take out on me.  Basically I had rashes all over me. The doctors couldn't figure out the cause and blamed it on some plant, not any specific plant, that I might be allergic to. 
Evil Plant

I kept itching throughout and got hit by my sister throughout for scratching. Everyone kept making fun of me and PR coined the term 'Itchasaurus'. 
I was not allowed near any plant. Every time I went near one, I would hear either PR or one of my siblings shouting 'Itchasaurus!! Step away from the plant!'
The worst part is when your foot itches cuz the whole time I felt like this.

I  told one of my cousin's about my new name and he actually changed my name on his contact list to 'Itchasaurus'  To make things worse, he had recently gone to the British Science Museum and found a dinosaur after which I was named after. 

Pic courtesy of Ajeesh

He was so kind enough to take a picture and send it across. I'm so glad it looks like a dolphin and not something like the picture below!!! 

Case 2: Dengue

Last month I ended up with Dengue. Don't ask me how or who  I was hanging around with. All I have to say is. 

Below is a conversation which I had with PR before I was diagnosed with Dengue.  

PR: Write down all your symptoms
ME: Ok
PR: Otherwise I'd just make up a few
PR: Doctor, she has involuntary break-dancing while drinking soup
ME: Severe throat ache very tender, splitting headace
ME: Chills
ME: Body ache but no cold
PR: Inability to control her vowels
ME: No cough
ME: Fever I'm not sure
PR: Like she says - "caaan Honolulu paaasss meeee theee saaaalt"
ME: Hehe
PR: Unable to see through her left foot..
ME: Lol!! Stop it. I can't laugh.. It hurts
PR: Can't drive
PR: O wait, that last one is not something the doc can fix
PR: What we need is a miracle!!!

Thankfully I did not have severe dengue where my platelets count went down. I just had high fever and body ache. PR went around telling everyone that I just had the 'gue' of Dengue. 

Speaking of PR, our man turned big Three O(30) this year. I send this picture across to him just a couple of days before his birthday. 

PR was like Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S when he turned 30.

To make him feel better, I got him a Red Velvet cake(which was yum) with gadget cupcakes around it. 

Google Chrome, Android, Iron Man, Samsung mobile and a Camera
I also got him a Bose Bluetooth speaker and you can read PR's review in this link. I kind of regret this gift, cuz I wake up everyday with music blasting in my ear!!! 

Well this has been a long post and if you are reading this, thank you for your patience for reading it till the end!! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Beginnings

No! Nothing drastic has changed in my life. I'm doing the same old same old stuff of work, cook occasionally, watch tv and sleep.

One important bit is writing blogs. After writing 100 posts here, a part of me was like, you know what, you can become a hot shot blogger. Another part of me was just shaking her and doing the Face Palm

So coming to the point, yeah well i kind of started two blogs collaborating  with my sister, Sofia and my friend Neha.
With my sister I started Random Reviews where we write reviews on books, movies, make up and anything fancy that catches our eye. Those of you who follow Random Thought's FB page might already be aware of this one.

So guys to keep updated with our reviews, like Random Review's FB page.

The next one is a cooking blog called Choco Chilli Divas where Neha and I share scrumptious recipes
My grandmother was a great cook, my mom followed her and now its the third generation to continue this passion for cooking, though in my case, the passion for eating lead to the cooking. :P

So guys if you get time, do drop in and show some love to my other blogs.

In other news, my dad gave me some serious bling as a gift.

I mean look at it.. I'm drooling all over.

Speaking of dad and its been a long time since I talked about him in the blog.

In my last trip to Kerala and being Kerala there's always 2 things that are constant: rains and strikes.

We had gone to an uncle's place and were discussing the weather and the news. My cousin was telling us of a news article that she had read where a lady on the back of a moped literally flew off with her open umbrella because of the strong wind & rain and went under a bus and died.

The very next day, I had to go for a routine blood test(I'm fine !! Thanks for asking) and there was a strike that day. Okay I'm digressing from the story. My dad was like let's take the scooter and go. I was like 'Papa, its raining' and he was like 'No, its drizzling. We'll be fine with an umbrella'

Mind you I still had the story of the lady flying off just like Mary Poppins except tragically.

So we decide to venture out with me praying to all the gods possible. We must have gone around half a kilometer and it starts to rain heavily and becomes windy too. Papa was like 'Hold on to the umbrella, its an expensive one!!' In my mind I was like 'I'm so joining that lady'

FYI we have 2 cars at home and my dad decides to take the scooter because its easier and his case in point: There's a strike. We are safer in a scooter.
My Daddy!!
The rain is almost torrential and my dad decides he can't push this any further and drives to a nearby bus stand. We wait there for like 10 mins and he's like 'It will stop now' and kept on with that for another 5 mins.  He was like 'Screw it! Anyway I'm wet, I'll go back home and get the car'

Its almost 15 mins and no sign of him. The bus stand is hardly 3kms from home. I'm waiting and waiting and eventually he turns up. I get into the car and he looked all fresh like he's just had a bath. I ask him and sheepishly he replied - "I went back home and I was like, I'm wet, might as well have a bath. I also decided to put the wet clothes for a wash too.'

Then he was like 'You are ok right! Nothing happened while I was gone!' :P

OK I have rambled enough.. Oh! One more thing, I have nominated my blog in the Indiblogger 2013 awards under Personal & Humor category. 

Please go to the below link and recommend my blog. You can leave a comment saying why my blog should win!! So go now and show some love for Random Thoughts!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Favorite Person

This is the 100th post on Random Thoughts!!! Can't believe its been over 5 yrs since I started this blog.
It started on a whimsical idea and after a talk with my roommate. Thank you Sangeetha(wherever you are) for encouraging me and being the first person to view and comment on the blog.

Ironically, my first post was written on April 1 and it was all about Shoes.

After 5 years with over 100 Likes on my FB Page, 95 followers and around 50,000 hits I would like to thank each and everyone who have been with me through this journey.

This post is dedicated to a person who has been featured and been the subject of most of my blog posts. Yup it is the one and only PR!!!
My Super Hero to the Rescue!!

Incidentally PR does not like being called PR. He would like to be known as His Royal Awesomeness The Excellent & Great Prithvi Raj The Best!!

Meh!! I'm gona stick to PR!!

The below pic is a classic example of what I deal with on a day to day basis. PR had got me Bob who is a second hand car salesman.  I mean click on the pic to see full size. Look at Bob's Cheshire cat smile.

Clearly they don't get along at all!!! I love them both sometimes Bob more than PR!! :)

I would like to share two comments that PR  had put in my posts which were way funnier than the actual post. Most people tend not to read the comments. PR's comments are a gem.

This is PR's rating on The Proposal post

IMDB review of: - “The Shortest Love Story – never told “
Starring the lovely and talented Sonia as ‘Girl’ 
Co-staring the not so lovely and far from talented random guy as ‘the Dude’
Plot line: Dude (random guy) falls in love with Girl (Sonia). Girl is in love with the dashing, charming, brilliantly witty and totally awesome PR (played by Prithvi – but does not make an appearance in actual movie). Girl politely tells Dude (random guy) to %*@# off as she is with another (audience know this other to be none other than the great PR). Dude forgets about Girl and carries on debugging code. 
The end. 
Content Advisory for Parents: - Several scenes of text messages exchanged across a TFT LCD display are seen. The actors are not shown directly but rapid typing is implied. Long pauses occur between sentences implying a slower than average thought processes of the Dude’s synaptic connections. An occurrence of power saving screen saver is also seen briefly but the company logo is pixilated for the benefit of sensitive audiences. 
Violence and gore:- graphic violence and gore is present in the directors cut however that is merely between the producers and systems administrator regarding an inconvenient firewall setting. No correlation with actual events in the movie. 
Reviews: - ********* 9/10
A must watch film for every woman who feels that they are no lonely and desperate men out there for them. 
A must watch film for every man who feels that they are really down on their luck as things cant possibly be worse for them than the plight of Dude. This movie will certainly uplift their spirits. 
A must watch for short attention span public as the running time is no more than 3 minutes (including credits, soundtrack, flash back sequence and sponsor notice). 
Not to be viewed by those going into cardiac arrest or drowning. For the former they will have better things to do like perhaps search for a defibrillator and for the latter, well the water gushing around them will impede their hearing and vision and there is also the chance they may not live to see the gripping climax of the movie.

Us on Valentine's Day!! You can see the louve!!

The next one is just before we got married 31 Days to Get Hitched

Brilliant post … the images gel perfectly with the article … very impressed with the post. Bridezilla LOL… that’s some hilarious stuff … no wait, hang on … you’re My ‘bridezilla’ which means it’s time for Groom-Kong (Me) to pull up my socks, come out of hiding and finally take a stand on important matters like for example:- how long the flower stems should be for the wedding bouquet.

But seriously I have been distancing myself from any and all decision-making activities with regard the wedding arrangements as I am ill equipped to provide any useful insights. Understanding abstract concepts of quantum mechanics or even setting the time on a VCR (which mind you is nearly impossible) may prove simpler for the groom than expecting him to be of any good in wedding planning. 

Nevertheless I shall attempt the impossible and take an active role in the pre-wedding prep. Going forward all queries about the wedding shall be answered by me (and then re-answered with the corrected info by Sonia). Only one more month of pre-wedding madness to deal with … we can do this Sonia. Just to help you that extra bit I translated the Hail Mary thingy into Swahili so here you go, and your welcome :P

“Shikamoo Maria,
Kamili wa neema,
Bwana ni nawe.
Heri wewe miongoni mwa wanawake,
na heri ni matunda
wa tumbo lako, Yesu.
Mtakatifu Maria,
Mama wa Mungu,
kuomba kwa sisi wakosefu sasa,
na saa ya kufa.


PR just came out of the shower, dropped his towel on the floor, found an underwear, smelled it and asked me to smell cuz he's not sure whether its washed or not!! In the meantime wore some crushed clothes and was stepping out of the room. I asked him
'Do you ever think of me?? Do you ever wonder how you always find clean clothes to wear??'

With a straight face he said 'Humanity, in all its rich and colorful history has given rise to many a great individual. None, I can assure you, have ever wasted time wondering how they found clean clothes. That perhaps is a worry of lesser mortals' and walked out of the room.

This is what I live with on a day to day basis.

Is he still my favorite person?? I wonder the same sometimes!!! :)

Once again I would like to thank you all for being part of Random Thoughts journey!!! Love you all!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Two Wrongs Make a Right!!

I have this annoying habit of forgetting to take the house keys before leaving for work.

I come home before PR and end up asking him to come so I can enter the house. Mind you PR's workplace is almost an hour and a half away. He would be in a meeting and would have to rush out..

There was this one time that PR had to go to Bombay for work and before leaving he was like 'Sonia, please do not forget to take your keys!! I'll be in Bombay and it would be difficult for me to come if you forget your keys' I was all like 'Just chill PR!! It will be all fine!!!'

It was all fine on day 1 and day 2.

Disaster strikes on Day 3. I forget my keys at home. Yet again!!

I was hyperventilating!! I didn't know what to do. On top of that I had a meeting which I decided to take from home!!  This was like the worst night ever!!
I bucked up and made the call to PR to inform him of the 'situation'.

He was calm, which annoys the crap out of me cuz he's always bloody calm in every situation. He always makes it look like I'm blowing things out of proportion which in this case I had every right.

He told me to go talk to the security in the building to see if they have any key-maker.  The minute he said key-maker, I was all like 'Woah!! Would it be a Korean dude, the one from the Matrix??' I mean he could open any door. I definitely need to be Facebook friends with him in case of times like these..
PR was losing his patience. He was like 'Focus!! We can discuss about the Korean keymaker later!!'

I spoke to the security guard and apparently another lady in the building had done the same thing the previous day. I was like 'Score!! I'm not the only one!! Did you hear that PR??'

Matrix Keymaker
I got the keymaker's number and called him up and that SOB wanted to effing charge me triple the amount to open the door. I was so furious and pissed with him. That's a classic example of taking advantage of the situation. I had no other choice but to agree.
In my mind I was like when I become FB friends with the Matrix Keymaker, I'm gona tell him to kick this dude to hell and beyond.

Waiting for this guy, I was like, let me go up and check, if I have dropped the keys on my way out, which is like one in a gazillion chance of that happening. I was being positive!! See PR, another example of me thinking positively. PR sees me as this person who sees the glass empty. (I agree to it but never ever ever will I admit that to him!!!)

Getting back, so I go up to my floor and am looking around for my keys and reach up to our main door. I open the latch and gently push the door and to my utter shock, the door opens up!!!

Not only had I forgotten to take the keys, I didn't close the main door properly. In my defense, our door is one of those where you close it, it automatically gets locked and you need a key to open it from the outside. For some reason on that day it didn't fall into place.

No, nothing was stolen and my precious keys were safely in the house.

So I had left my keys at home and didn't lock the door properly due to which I was able to enter my own freaking house.

Hence proved, two wrongs do make a right!!

Thank you!!

Day 4: I left the TV on the whole day
Day 5: The refrigerator door was left open for the whole day
Day 6: PR came back home before I could burn the place down!!!

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Matrix keymaker pic courtesy of Wikipedia

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Recap of 2012 - Pretty much an Awesome Year

Hello People!!!

2012, predicted as the year that the world's going to end,  oddly enough was a wonderful and eventful year for me!! I'm basically doing a recap in this post for my own sake!!

Places Visited

The year started with PR and I spending New Year in Jaipur!!

Around Easter, we went to Amritsar to see the Golden Temple. Its always been a dream of mine to go see the temple. One thing ticked off my wishlist. :)
The temple was beyond my expectations. It truly is an experience to just go there and sit. I could sit there for ages. It was just awesome!!

So the women need to cover their head before entering the temple premises. PR had taken this pic of my friend Neha and I. Neha's husband on seeing the below pic promptly comments: "You both look like women who have been arrested in Police raid.." Need I say more!!! Men I tell you!! :P

Around September I had gone, as part of work, to London.

I went there at the right time. The weather was good, the company was awesome and London Fashion Week was in full swing. I had the best shopping experience. I bought 7 pairs of shoes. YES SEVEN!! I was in Shoe Heaven!!!

Aren't the Teal shoes just gorgeous!!

While I was there I went to Hogwarts from Platform 93/4 in King's Cross Station

Also dropped in at Baker Street to say hello to Mr. Sherlock Holmes

I missed out on PR's birthday and got him the below T- shirt, Spongebob Square Pants jammies and Kermit the frog & the London underground map boxers..

To make up for the fact, I was not there for PR's birthday, we went to Dubai(my second hometown) for Christmas & New Year!!!
Outside Burj Khalifa!!
PR also fell in love in our trip to Abu Dhabi!!

I would like to introduce Bambi, the chihuahua, who's the only female I know who can throw her weight around PR!! Isn't she just adorable??!!??

We also went a unique museum. The Rainbow Sheikh's car museum.

Click on the Image to see a better pic
This dude has a Mercedes Benz in the colors of the rainbow for each day of the week. Hence the name, Rainbow Sheikh. Just youtube this guy!! Even Jeremy Clarkson has done an interview with this dude. 

You thought it couldn't get any BIGGER!! 

The midget standing next to the wheel is PR. What he's standing next to is the Largest truck in the world!! Parked underneath the monster is a normal sized truck!!

After going to the museum, you would assume PR had his share of cars. What do we do the next day, we go to Ferrari world!!

After entering Ferrari world, I realized that I'm in an amusement park, which is all about cars and that too Ferrari cars and the rides all related to speed!! I hate fast cars and any sort of rides.. 

All of my cousins wanted me to go on the world's fastest roller coaster. I'd rather sell my kidneys than do that. 

PR braved it and went on it.  He was sitting next to these huge African Americans like Shakeel O'Neal types. Half way through the ride, they were crying like little girls and praying to God for forgiveness!!

Books Read

I had kept a Reading Challenge Goal of 100 books and was able to read only 51. :(

My top favorite books for last year were

Movies Seen

I saw truck loads of movies last year from extremely awesome ones to shitty ones like Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

My top pics are

  • The Avengers - I saw this movie 3 times in the movie theater. If you have not seen this movie, stop reading this blog NOW and go watch the movie
  • Kahaani - Vidya Balan, as they say in Delhi, was ROCKING!! :P
  • Life of Pi - Inspite of reading this book and knowing that Richard Parker is there in the boat, I screamed like a little girl when he jumps out of the boat.
  • English Vinglish - One word, one person - Sridevi
To end this post, I'll talk about the 2 men I fell in love with  in 2012 and PR is not in the list.

Ryan Gosling

 I was smitten by Ryan in the The Notebook.

But I saw Crazy Stupid Love and he was insane in the movie!! Insanely cute and funny!! This video just says it all!! Sigh!!!

Matt Bomer aka Neil Caffrey

I got hooked on White Collar purely because of Monsieur Matt Bomer, who incidentally is Gay!! :(

Matt is the only guy I have seen who can truly pull of a Fedora with any outfit.
After watching one episode of White Collar, I turned around and asked PR

ME: Do you think Neil aka Matt will ever fall for me?
PR: No.
ME: Why not? Is it because I'm fat and unattractive???(Rolling eyes)
PR: No. Its becuz you have a vajayjay!!! 
ME: :(