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Recap of 2012 - Pretty much an Awesome Year

Hello People!!!

2012, predicted as the year that the world's going to end,  oddly enough was a wonderful and eventful year for me!! I'm basically doing a recap in this post for my own sake!!

Places Visited

The year started with PR and I spending New Year in Jaipur!!

Around Easter, we went to Amritsar to see the Golden Temple. Its always been a dream of mine to go see the temple. One thing ticked off my wishlist. :)
The temple was beyond my expectations. It truly is an experience to just go there and sit. I could sit there for ages. It was just awesome!!

So the women need to cover their head before entering the temple premises. PR had taken this pic of my friend Neha and I. Neha's husband on seeing the below pic promptly comments: "You both look like women who have been arrested in Police raid.." Need I say more!!! Men I tell you!! :P

Around September I had gone, as part of work, to London.

I went there at the right time. The weather was good, the company was awes…