Recap of 2012 - Pretty much an Awesome Year

Hello People!!!

2012, predicted as the year that the world's going to end,  oddly enough was a wonderful and eventful year for me!! I'm basically doing a recap in this post for my own sake!!

Places Visited

The year started with PR and I spending New Year in Jaipur!!

Around Easter, we went to Amritsar to see the Golden Temple. Its always been a dream of mine to go see the temple. One thing ticked off my wishlist. :)
The temple was beyond my expectations. It truly is an experience to just go there and sit. I could sit there for ages. It was just awesome!!

So the women need to cover their head before entering the temple premises. PR had taken this pic of my friend Neha and I. Neha's husband on seeing the below pic promptly comments: "You both look like women who have been arrested in Police raid.." Need I say more!!! Men I tell you!! :P

Around September I had gone, as part of work, to London.

I went there at the right time. The weather was good, the company was awesome and London Fashion Week was in full swing. I had the best shopping experience. I bought 7 pairs of shoes. YES SEVEN!! I was in Shoe Heaven!!!

Aren't the Teal shoes just gorgeous!!

While I was there I went to Hogwarts from Platform 93/4 in King's Cross Station

Also dropped in at Baker Street to say hello to Mr. Sherlock Holmes

I missed out on PR's birthday and got him the below T- shirt, Spongebob Square Pants jammies and Kermit the frog & the London underground map boxers..

To make up for the fact, I was not there for PR's birthday, we went to Dubai(my second hometown) for Christmas & New Year!!!
Outside Burj Khalifa!!
PR also fell in love in our trip to Abu Dhabi!!

I would like to introduce Bambi, the chihuahua, who's the only female I know who can throw her weight around PR!! Isn't she just adorable??!!??

We also went a unique museum. The Rainbow Sheikh's car museum.

Click on the Image to see a better pic
This dude has a Mercedes Benz in the colors of the rainbow for each day of the week. Hence the name, Rainbow Sheikh. Just youtube this guy!! Even Jeremy Clarkson has done an interview with this dude. 

You thought it couldn't get any BIGGER!! 

The midget standing next to the wheel is PR. What he's standing next to is the Largest truck in the world!! Parked underneath the monster is a normal sized truck!!

After going to the museum, you would assume PR had his share of cars. What do we do the next day, we go to Ferrari world!!

After entering Ferrari world, I realized that I'm in an amusement park, which is all about cars and that too Ferrari cars and the rides all related to speed!! I hate fast cars and any sort of rides.. 

All of my cousins wanted me to go on the world's fastest roller coaster. I'd rather sell my kidneys than do that. 

PR braved it and went on it.  He was sitting next to these huge African Americans like Shakeel O'Neal types. Half way through the ride, they were crying like little girls and praying to God for forgiveness!!

Books Read

I had kept a Reading Challenge Goal of 100 books and was able to read only 51. :(

My top favorite books for last year were

Movies Seen

I saw truck loads of movies last year from extremely awesome ones to shitty ones like Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

My top pics are

  • The Avengers - I saw this movie 3 times in the movie theater. If you have not seen this movie, stop reading this blog NOW and go watch the movie
  • Kahaani - Vidya Balan, as they say in Delhi, was ROCKING!! :P
  • Life of Pi - Inspite of reading this book and knowing that Richard Parker is there in the boat, I screamed like a little girl when he jumps out of the boat.
  • English Vinglish - One word, one person - Sridevi
To end this post, I'll talk about the 2 men I fell in love with  in 2012 and PR is not in the list.

Ryan Gosling

 I was smitten by Ryan in the The Notebook.

But I saw Crazy Stupid Love and he was insane in the movie!! Insanely cute and funny!! This video just says it all!! Sigh!!!

Matt Bomer aka Neil Caffrey

I got hooked on White Collar purely because of Monsieur Matt Bomer, who incidentally is Gay!! :(

Matt is the only guy I have seen who can truly pull of a Fedora with any outfit.
After watching one episode of White Collar, I turned around and asked PR

ME: Do you think Neil aka Matt will ever fall for me?
PR: No.
ME: Why not? Is it because I'm fat and unattractive???(Rolling eyes)
PR: No. Its becuz you have a vajayjay!!! 
ME: :(

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