Two Wrongs Make a Right!!

I have this annoying habit of forgetting to take the house keys before leaving for work.

I come home before PR and end up asking him to come so I can enter the house. Mind you PR's workplace is almost an hour and a half away. He would be in a meeting and would have to rush out..

There was this one time that PR had to go to Bombay for work and before leaving he was like 'Sonia, please do not forget to take your keys!! I'll be in Bombay and it would be difficult for me to come if you forget your keys' I was all like 'Just chill PR!! It will be all fine!!!'

It was all fine on day 1 and day 2.

Disaster strikes on Day 3. I forget my keys at home. Yet again!!

I was hyperventilating!! I didn't know what to do. On top of that I had a meeting which I decided to take from home!!  This was like the worst night ever!!
I bucked up and made the call to PR to inform him of the 'situation'.

He was calm, which annoys the crap out of me cuz he's always bloody calm in every situation. He always makes it look like I'm blowing things out of proportion which in this case I had every right.

He told me to go talk to the security in the building to see if they have any key-maker.  The minute he said key-maker, I was all like 'Woah!! Would it be a Korean dude, the one from the Matrix??' I mean he could open any door. I definitely need to be Facebook friends with him in case of times like these..
PR was losing his patience. He was like 'Focus!! We can discuss about the Korean keymaker later!!'

I spoke to the security guard and apparently another lady in the building had done the same thing the previous day. I was like 'Score!! I'm not the only one!! Did you hear that PR??'

Matrix Keymaker
I got the keymaker's number and called him up and that SOB wanted to effing charge me triple the amount to open the door. I was so furious and pissed with him. That's a classic example of taking advantage of the situation. I had no other choice but to agree.
In my mind I was like when I become FB friends with the Matrix Keymaker, I'm gona tell him to kick this dude to hell and beyond.

Waiting for this guy, I was like, let me go up and check, if I have dropped the keys on my way out, which is like one in a gazillion chance of that happening. I was being positive!! See PR, another example of me thinking positively. PR sees me as this person who sees the glass empty. (I agree to it but never ever ever will I admit that to him!!!)

Getting back, so I go up to my floor and am looking around for my keys and reach up to our main door. I open the latch and gently push the door and to my utter shock, the door opens up!!!

Not only had I forgotten to take the keys, I didn't close the main door properly. In my defense, our door is one of those where you close it, it automatically gets locked and you need a key to open it from the outside. For some reason on that day it didn't fall into place.

No, nothing was stolen and my precious keys were safely in the house.

So I had left my keys at home and didn't lock the door properly due to which I was able to enter my own freaking house.

Hence proved, two wrongs do make a right!!

Thank you!!

Day 4: I left the TV on the whole day
Day 5: The refrigerator door was left open for the whole day
Day 6: PR came back home before I could burn the place down!!!

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Matrix keymaker pic courtesy of Wikipedia

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