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My Favorite Person

This is the 100th post on Random Thoughts!!! Can't believe its been over 5 yrs since I started this blog.
It started on a whimsical idea and after a talk with my roommate. Thank you Sangeetha(wherever you are) for encouraging me and being the first person to view and comment on the blog.

Ironically, my first post was written on April 1 and it was all about Shoes.

After 5 years with over 100 Likes on my FB Page, 95 followers and around 50,000 hits I would like to thank each and everyone who have been with me through this journey.

This post is dedicated to a person who has been featured and been the subject of most of my blog posts. Yup it is the one and only PR!!!

Incidentally PR does not like being called PR. He would like to be known as His Royal Awesomeness The Excellent & Great Prithvi Raj The Best!!

Meh!! I'm gona stick to PR!!

The below pic is a classic example of what I deal …