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This is the 100th post on Random Thoughts!!! Can't believe its been over 5 yrs since I started this blog.
It started on a whimsical idea and after a talk with my roommate. Thank you Sangeetha(wherever you are) for encouraging me and being the first person to view and comment on the blog.

Ironically, my first post was written on April 1 and it was all about Shoes.

After 5 years with over 100 Likes on my FB Page, 95 followers and around 50,000 hits I would like to thank each and everyone who have been with me through this journey.

This post is dedicated to a person who has been featured and been the subject of most of my blog posts. Yup it is the one and only PR!!!
My Super Hero to the Rescue!!

Incidentally PR does not like being called PR. He would like to be known as His Royal Awesomeness The Excellent & Great Prithvi Raj The Best!!

Meh!! I'm gona stick to PR!!

The below pic is a classic example of what I deal with on a day to day basis. PR had got me Bob who is a second hand car salesman.  I mean click on the pic to see full size. Look at Bob's Cheshire cat smile.

Clearly they don't get along at all!!! I love them both sometimes Bob more than PR!! :)

I would like to share two comments that PR  had put in my posts which were way funnier than the actual post. Most people tend not to read the comments. PR's comments are a gem.

This is PR's rating on The Proposal post

IMDB review of: - “The Shortest Love Story – never told “
Starring the lovely and talented Sonia as ‘Girl’ 
Co-staring the not so lovely and far from talented random guy as ‘the Dude’
Plot line: Dude (random guy) falls in love with Girl (Sonia). Girl is in love with the dashing, charming, brilliantly witty and totally awesome PR (played by Prithvi – but does not make an appearance in actual movie). Girl politely tells Dude (random guy) to %*@# off as she is with another (audience know this other to be none other than the great PR). Dude forgets about Girl and carries on debugging code. 
The end. 
Content Advisory for Parents: - Several scenes of text messages exchanged across a TFT LCD display are seen. The actors are not shown directly but rapid typing is implied. Long pauses occur between sentences implying a slower than average thought processes of the Dude’s synaptic connections. An occurrence of power saving screen saver is also seen briefly but the company logo is pixilated for the benefit of sensitive audiences. 
Violence and gore:- graphic violence and gore is present in the directors cut however that is merely between the producers and systems administrator regarding an inconvenient firewall setting. No correlation with actual events in the movie. 
Reviews: - ********* 9/10
A must watch film for every woman who feels that they are no lonely and desperate men out there for them. 
A must watch film for every man who feels that they are really down on their luck as things cant possibly be worse for them than the plight of Dude. This movie will certainly uplift their spirits. 
A must watch for short attention span public as the running time is no more than 3 minutes (including credits, soundtrack, flash back sequence and sponsor notice). 
Not to be viewed by those going into cardiac arrest or drowning. For the former they will have better things to do like perhaps search for a defibrillator and for the latter, well the water gushing around them will impede their hearing and vision and there is also the chance they may not live to see the gripping climax of the movie.

Us on Valentine's Day!! You can see the louve!!

The next one is just before we got married 31 Days to Get Hitched

Brilliant post … the images gel perfectly with the article … very impressed with the post. Bridezilla LOL… that’s some hilarious stuff … no wait, hang on … you’re My ‘bridezilla’ which means it’s time for Groom-Kong (Me) to pull up my socks, come out of hiding and finally take a stand on important matters like for example:- how long the flower stems should be for the wedding bouquet.

But seriously I have been distancing myself from any and all decision-making activities with regard the wedding arrangements as I am ill equipped to provide any useful insights. Understanding abstract concepts of quantum mechanics or even setting the time on a VCR (which mind you is nearly impossible) may prove simpler for the groom than expecting him to be of any good in wedding planning. 

Nevertheless I shall attempt the impossible and take an active role in the pre-wedding prep. Going forward all queries about the wedding shall be answered by me (and then re-answered with the corrected info by Sonia). Only one more month of pre-wedding madness to deal with … we can do this Sonia. Just to help you that extra bit I translated the Hail Mary thingy into Swahili so here you go, and your welcome :P

“Shikamoo Maria,
Kamili wa neema,
Bwana ni nawe.
Heri wewe miongoni mwa wanawake,
na heri ni matunda
wa tumbo lako, Yesu.
Mtakatifu Maria,
Mama wa Mungu,
kuomba kwa sisi wakosefu sasa,
na saa ya kufa.


PR just came out of the shower, dropped his towel on the floor, found an underwear, smelled it and asked me to smell cuz he's not sure whether its washed or not!! In the meantime wore some crushed clothes and was stepping out of the room. I asked him
'Do you ever think of me?? Do you ever wonder how you always find clean clothes to wear??'

With a straight face he said 'Humanity, in all its rich and colorful history has given rise to many a great individual. None, I can assure you, have ever wasted time wondering how they found clean clothes. That perhaps is a worry of lesser mortals' and walked out of the room.

This is what I live with on a day to day basis.

Is he still my favorite person?? I wonder the same sometimes!!! :)

Once again I would like to thank you all for being part of Random Thoughts journey!!! Love you all!!

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