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New Beginnings

No! Nothing drastic has changed in my life. I'm doing the same old same old stuff of work, cook occasionally, watch tv and sleep.
One important bit is writing blogs. After writing 100 posts here, a part of me was like, you know what, you can become a hot shot blogger. Another part of me was just shaking her and doing the Face Palm
So coming to the point, yeah well i kind of started two blogs collaborating  with my sister, Sofia and my friend Neha.
With my sister I started Random Reviews where we write reviews on books, movies, make up and anything fancy that catches our eye. Those of you who follow Random Thought's FB page might already be aware of this one.

So guys to keep updated with our reviews, like Random Review's FB page.

The next one is a cooking blog called Choco Chilli Divas where Neha and I share scrumptious recipes
My grandmother was a great cook, my mom followed her and now its the third generation to continue this passion for cooking, though in my case, the passio…