New Beginnings

No! Nothing drastic has changed in my life. I'm doing the same old same old stuff of work, cook occasionally, watch tv and sleep.

One important bit is writing blogs. After writing 100 posts here, a part of me was like, you know what, you can become a hot shot blogger. Another part of me was just shaking her and doing the Face Palm

So coming to the point, yeah well i kind of started two blogs collaborating  with my sister, Sofia and my friend Neha.
With my sister I started Random Reviews where we write reviews on books, movies, make up and anything fancy that catches our eye. Those of you who follow Random Thought's FB page might already be aware of this one.

So guys to keep updated with our reviews, like Random Review's FB page.

The next one is a cooking blog called Choco Chilli Divas where Neha and I share scrumptious recipes
My grandmother was a great cook, my mom followed her and now its the third generation to continue this passion for cooking, though in my case, the passion for eating lead to the cooking. :P

So guys if you get time, do drop in and show some love to my other blogs.

In other news, my dad gave me some serious bling as a gift.

I mean look at it.. I'm drooling all over.

Speaking of dad and its been a long time since I talked about him in the blog.

In my last trip to Kerala and being Kerala there's always 2 things that are constant: rains and strikes.

We had gone to an uncle's place and were discussing the weather and the news. My cousin was telling us of a news article that she had read where a lady on the back of a moped literally flew off with her open umbrella because of the strong wind & rain and went under a bus and died.

The very next day, I had to go for a routine blood test(I'm fine !! Thanks for asking) and there was a strike that day. Okay I'm digressing from the story. My dad was like let's take the scooter and go. I was like 'Papa, its raining' and he was like 'No, its drizzling. We'll be fine with an umbrella'

Mind you I still had the story of the lady flying off just like Mary Poppins except tragically.

So we decide to venture out with me praying to all the gods possible. We must have gone around half a kilometer and it starts to rain heavily and becomes windy too. Papa was like 'Hold on to the umbrella, its an expensive one!!' In my mind I was like 'I'm so joining that lady'

FYI we have 2 cars at home and my dad decides to take the scooter because its easier and his case in point: There's a strike. We are safer in a scooter.
My Daddy!!
The rain is almost torrential and my dad decides he can't push this any further and drives to a nearby bus stand. We wait there for like 10 mins and he's like 'It will stop now' and kept on with that for another 5 mins.  He was like 'Screw it! Anyway I'm wet, I'll go back home and get the car'

Its almost 15 mins and no sign of him. The bus stand is hardly 3kms from home. I'm waiting and waiting and eventually he turns up. I get into the car and he looked all fresh like he's just had a bath. I ask him and sheepishly he replied - "I went back home and I was like, I'm wet, might as well have a bath. I also decided to put the wet clothes for a wash too.'

Then he was like 'You are ok right! Nothing happened while I was gone!' :P

OK I have rambled enough.. Oh! One more thing, I have nominated my blog in the Indiblogger 2013 awards under Personal & Humor category. 

Please go to the below link and recommend my blog. You can leave a comment saying why my blog should win!! So go now and show some love for Random Thoughts!!!

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