The One with Dengue, Itchasaurus and Gadget Cake

This year I have fallen sick quite a bit and that too with stuff that I have never got ever in my life.

Case 1: Itchasaurus

I had gone to Kerala and some plant had some age old revenge to take out on me.  Basically I had rashes all over me. The doctors couldn't figure out the cause and blamed it on some plant, not any specific plant, that I might be allergic to. 
Evil Plant

I kept itching throughout and got hit by my sister throughout for scratching. Everyone kept making fun of me and PR coined the term 'Itchasaurus'. 
I was not allowed near any plant. Every time I went near one, I would hear either PR or one of my siblings shouting 'Itchasaurus!! Step away from the plant!'
The worst part is when your foot itches cuz the whole time I felt like this.

I  told one of my cousin's about my new name and he actually changed my name on his contact list to 'Itchasaurus'  To make things worse, he had recently gone to the British Science Museum and found a dinosaur after which I was named after. 

Pic courtesy of Ajeesh

He was so kind enough to take a picture and send it across. I'm so glad it looks like a dolphin and not something like the picture below!!! 

Case 2: Dengue

Last month I ended up with Dengue. Don't ask me how or who  I was hanging around with. All I have to say is. 

Below is a conversation which I had with PR before I was diagnosed with Dengue.  

PR: Write down all your symptoms
ME: Ok
PR: Otherwise I'd just make up a few
PR: Doctor, she has involuntary break-dancing while drinking soup
ME: Severe throat ache very tender, splitting headace
ME: Chills
ME: Body ache but no cold
PR: Inability to control her vowels
ME: No cough
ME: Fever I'm not sure
PR: Like she says - "caaan Honolulu paaasss meeee theee saaaalt"
ME: Hehe
PR: Unable to see through her left foot..
ME: Lol!! Stop it. I can't laugh.. It hurts
PR: Can't drive
PR: O wait, that last one is not something the doc can fix
PR: What we need is a miracle!!!

Thankfully I did not have severe dengue where my platelets count went down. I just had high fever and body ache. PR went around telling everyone that I just had the 'gue' of Dengue. 

Speaking of PR, our man turned big Three O(30) this year. I send this picture across to him just a couple of days before his birthday. 

PR was like Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S when he turned 30.

To make him feel better, I got him a Red Velvet cake(which was yum) with gadget cupcakes around it. 

Google Chrome, Android, Iron Man, Samsung mobile and a Camera
I also got him a Bose Bluetooth speaker and you can read PR's review in this link. I kind of regret this gift, cuz I wake up everyday with music blasting in my ear!!! 

Well this has been a long post and if you are reading this, thank you for your patience for reading it till the end!! 

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