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Hugh Jackman and Micromax

I just found out that Micromax has hired Hugh Jackman as the face of their brand. 

HUGH Jackman!! This is HUGE!!! Hugh is HAWT!!

I have always associated Micromax as a brand that makes low cost phones. From the fact that they can afford Hugh means they have been made money. LOTS of it!!!

I find their tag line very corny - Nothing like Anything. What does that even mean?

Hugh Jackman makes that sound hotter and sexier.  We'll need to wait a while to see the rest of the commercial. Clearly I'm least bothered about the product that they are selling. 

Micromax!! Do not disappoint me and make this ad worth it. Make Hugh look good but then again he can never look bad.

I love the way HTC used Robert Downey Jr in their commercial. It was quirky and funny.

If you have read till now, you would have understood, I have no interest in the products these actors endorsed. Its the actors that interest me. :)

Have a good day!! 

Lion Man Hair and A Linguistic Adventure

PR sucks at languages except for English. He has lived his entire life in India and can't speak any Indian language properly to save his life. 

To give a background, PR grew up in Madras which technically means he should know how to speak in Tamil. Don't jump to conclusions. He has lived in a bubble where everyone spoke English. I don't know how he managed that cuz I lived there for a couple of years and not encountered a single auto or taxi driver who could speak a full sentence in English. 

This sometimes works out pretty fine for me cuz I speak a couple of languages and could so  totally bitch about him and he wouldn't have a clue.  PR if you are reading this, I said I could which doesn't necessarily mean I do.  For the others, I so definitely do that. 

The icing on the cake is, PR is so gona kill me for the next bit that I'm gona tell you all.


Wait for it!!

Here goes!!

PR failed in the English exam during college. Yes you heard me right!! We were all shocke…