Lion Man Hair and A Linguistic Adventure

PR sucks at languages except for English. He has lived his entire life in India and can't speak any Indian language properly to save his life. 

To give a background, PR grew up in Madras which technically means he should know how to speak in Tamil. Don't jump to conclusions. He has lived in a bubble where everyone spoke English. I don't know how he managed that cuz I lived there for a couple of years and not encountered a single auto or taxi driver who could speak a full sentence in English. 

This sometimes works out pretty fine for me cuz I speak a couple of languages and could so  totally bitch about him and he wouldn't have a clue.  PR if you are reading this, I said I could which doesn't necessarily mean I do.  For the others, I so definitely do that. 

The icing on the cake is, PR is so gona kill me for the next bit that I'm gona tell you all.


Wait for it!!

Here goes!!

PR failed in the English exam during college. Yes you heard me right!! We were all shocked and our reactions were like

Forget the fact that there was some screw up in the correction and after re-evaluation of the paper he might have got the highest marks. Nobody remembers that!! Everyone remembers him as the guy who failed in English.

Classmates of his who can't speak English to save their lives would come up to him and say ''PR, I fail 14 subjects but English I pass!! I heard you no pass!! He he he" 

Lion Man Enters

I speak to my mom in malayalam (my mother tongue,for those who are interested) and there is a word in malayalam for saying 'That guy' or it can be 'That person'. The word is pulikaran (It is pronounced the way it is read)
I didn't realize that I use this word so often till PR pointed it out to me one day. He's like who's this Lion man you keep talking to your mom about. 

It took me a couple of seconds actually more than that to figure out what he's talking about. The minute he said lion man, i pictured something on the lines of this picture. 

I was like 'Woah!! That would be so cool and awesome!!' PR as usual had to bring me back to reality. He was like so who's lion man?? I just couldn't figure out what he's talking about. He gently broke it down and explained it to me.
He was like 'You keep saying pulikaran to your mom all the time. Doesn't puli mean lion and karan mean man??' (For those of who are unaware, Tamil & Malayalam are similar and share words which mean the same) He came to that conclusion that it was some code word between mom and I about some guy that I was seeing behind his back. Even if I was seeing someone, out of all the people in the world why oh why would I discuss that with my mom??!!??

Jumping topics like I always do, what's with all the advertisements targeting products for men. 
The one that I find most annoying is the Park Avenue Beer shampoo ad.

The guy in the ad is so annoying and I wondered who in their right mind would find this appealing. Little did I know that I was living with someone who loved the ad,drove to the nearest chemist store and bought himself a Beer shampoo cuz its for Man hair. 

Whoever came up with the idea has done their research well cuz humor sells with men. You add humor to a product and all the men will line up at the store to buy if even if they don't want it. Its either humor or scantly clad women!! Sheesh!! Men I tell you!!

The latest one to join the bandwagon is the Old spice commercial. The person to endorse is the gorgeous Milind Soman.I actually like this ad. Milind is Mantastic in this one!!

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