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2014 and New Year Resolutions Rant

Happy 2014 everyone! Yes I know I'm delayed by 24 days in my wishes. Let's just pretend that I just woke up now after my so awesome New Year celebrations. The word to focus is pretend

And if anyone is wondering what I got for Christmas. This is what I got. 

I always get it every Christmas, actually pretty much through out the year. I keep telling myself to get rid of my old gifts and this year I did take a step and joined the gym. I mean I have joined gyms earlier but this time i did go for more than a week. Fine I'll be honest, I went 8 days which is technically more than a week. 

I would be like, Yes Ryan, I'm working it out all for you.  I was like i'm gona do 60 squats and 60 lunges and will try this shit called 'PLANK'. I mean its easy as a pie and not much effort.  Those who don't know what a plank is. Please refer the first image in the below picture.

Please refer to the second image to see how I looked when I did a plank.

I did not give up, No sire…