2014 and New Year Resolutions Rant

Happy 2014 everyone! Yes I know I'm delayed by 24 days in my wishes. Let's just pretend that I just woke up now after my so awesome New Year celebrations. The word to focus is pretend

And if anyone is wondering what I got for Christmas. This is what I got. 

I always get it every Christmas, actually pretty much through out the year. I keep telling myself to get rid of my old gifts and this year I did take a step and joined the gym. I mean I have joined gyms earlier but this time i did go for more than a week. Fine I'll be honest, I went 8 days which is technically more than a week. 

I would be like, Yes Ryan, I'm working it out all for you.  I was like i'm gona do 60 squats and 60 lunges and will try this shit called 'PLANK'. I mean its easy as a pie and not much effort.  Those who don't know what a plank is. Please refer the first image in the below picture.

Please refer to the second image to see how I looked when I did a plank.

I did not give up, No sireee. I even took two steps further to even control my diet too along with my exercise.
Then last week, the unfortunate happened, I fell sick. I had fever and couldn't go to the gym. I was reading an article the other day where they were talking about how people give up on their New year resolutions on the 24th of Jan and it is called as 'Fail Friday'.

Today is the day!

I was determined that I am not gonna be part of that statistic. I'll stand out and be different. And yes, I woke up bright and early after almost a week and was like 'Nothing's gonna stop me today from exercising'.

First point of failure was once I reached the gym and was changing into my gym shoes and I realized that in my enthusiasm I picked up PR's shoes. I was getting annoyed and to the fact that I walked to gym which is like a 10 min walk, ok fine, 5 min walk in the freezing cold in a frigging Delhi morning. I should be awarded just for braving the cold. 

Then to add fuel to the fire, while walking back into my apartment, I twisted my ankle. Don't ask me how or why. I just did cuz I have a weak ankle. 

I am HANGRY! Hangry Hangry Hangry!!! 

OK I have calmed down, introspected and realized that I don't need no exercise. I am perfect the way I am just like Calvin.

If anyone has a problem with the way I look then you can all 

Okay then, that's it for now. I need to find a snickers bar after all the ranting! 

Good Bye

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