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Turning 30

I was dreading writing this post. OK, let me just say it out loud so that it wont sound so awful.

I turned the big 3O. 

There I said it. I hope you all are happy. I had a cousin point out to me that I need to change my About me description on the blog which says a 20 something female to a 30 something old lady

Well the joke's on all of you. 

I had one of the best birthdays ever.

I stayed up for almost 23 hours non stop which I never did in my teens or 20s. So there my 30s just became a whole lot cooler. 
I danced till my feet hurt, then removed my shoes and continued to dance more.
Awesome food and awesome company just makes things like turning 30 a lot better. 

I really thought I would go all Rachel or Joey on turning 30. 

I ended up being a combination of Phoebe and Monica. For all those youngsters who have no clue on what this "oldie" is talking about. 

Please watch this

Friends - Whey They Turn Thirty

I am honestly glad that I grew up in the 90s and early 2000's and not now.