Got 100% Serious Problem??

OK People, I have got the answer to all your problems. Especially your 100% serious problem.  Please continue reading and your life will be changed forever. 

After a very long time,I took an auto last week. Those of you who have been reading my blog would know about the fiasco that happened in my last auto ride.

We were waiting at the traffic signal and this guy went around throwing business cards into all the autos. I was one of the lucky few to get this card and being a very selfless person, I decided to share it with you all.

As you can see that we will get the relief within hours and it is !!! his Promise !!! The guru charges a very nominal amount of Rs 251 per session. 

As you can see he favors no particular religion and treats everyone. 

Now the question would be, what are his expertise?? Don't you worry, he's covered that too. 

He's got super nature knowledge in all problems and looks like his specialty is in Love. 

I'm gonna stop right here and make a call if this stuff actually works.  I hope to get Ryan Gosling in a couple of hours!! So excited!!

PR if you are reading this, this is all an experiment, its not like I LOVE Ryan. OK FINE I do. If it works, you can get whomever you want. 

This stuff better work, otherwise i'm releasing my dragons onto him. FYI in my house, I'm now referred to as Khaleesi. 

Sorry couldn't stop myself from having a Game of Thrones reference as PR and I have been binge watching GoT. Love Love the show!!

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