When I grow up I'd like to be...

So my sister shared the below pic on our Whatsapp group.

She mentioned that she liked where Albert is heading. I also totally agree with her.

PR eventually saw the message and this is what he had to say.

Is no-one going to lock up David and throw away the key? He'll grow up to become the joker

"Some people just like to see the world burn"

And let's be honest.. Only Albert is going to achieve his goal.

Toby will commit suicide..

Sophia being female wont get to play in the major leagues and will end up being a meth addict who strips to get high.

Violet will get so obese that she will live and die alone.

Isabelle and Lylla will do the white swan/black swan thing and then go insane and then kill each other.

Anthony will get thrown out of a flying school for calling a plane a jet flyer.
He becomes a meth dealer and that's how he meets Sophia.
Who kills him with a porn star heel to the throat
And steals his meth
OD's and dies in the street 

Albert stays at home and writes a simple formula that makes him famous

and never combs his hair again.

This is what happens when you send a joke to an analyst!!!

Happy last day of November!!! 

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