Mcbender and FassAvoy

I know the title sounds very cryptic. 

By the end of this post you will be like 'Aaah! That makes so much of sense!'

This is James Mcavoy. 

 Isn't he a nice looking chap? He played the young Professor X in the X men series. 

This is Michael Fassbender

He played the young Magneto in X-men. He's also playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming movie of the same name.

These two are very good friends too. Somewhere really out there on the internet, people imagined to the idea of 'What if these two were more than good friends? Let's explore the bromance between these two' This ended up in a series of fan fiction stories/art.

Case in Point the below pics

These two were made aware of this slash fiction when they came on the Graham Norton show. I have never laughed so much. Plus the couch that night was like every girl's dream come true. Hugh Jackman, James & Michael. Sigh!!!

These guys have taken it a notch further and did the following. They are adding fuel to their slash fiction fire out there.

These guys are so funny and cute at the same time. The more I look at the pics I'm like they do make a handsome couple. ;P

The bromance between these two is called McBender or FassAvoy. Do check out the Urban Dictionary definition.

What do you guys think of it? Is there anyone else whom you think would be better than these two?  :)

Happy Easter to my readers!! 

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All images are courtesy of pinterest

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