So yeah get this, I was proposed by my boyfriend/husband aka PR, of 12 years. 

PR surprised me this bling infinity ring. I was really taken aback.

I mean this dude actually proposed to me.  Do you see him taking things like marriage and proposal seriously??

I really had to drag him to the alter to get married to me. He was screaming and shouting 'What have you done to me?'
Now he's going around telling people that he got the dates wrong. It was supposed to be an elaborate April's fool joke. 

Well the jokes on you PR.  I'm totally in love with the ring and I don't care if you have to return it.. It mine...

All in all you did a way hell of a better job than the last guy who proposed to me.

Do check this link out to find out more: The Proposal. Also don't miss out on reading PR's comment on that post.  

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